Schedule of Upcoming London Shows

London News   Schedule of Upcoming London Shows
What's announced and what's in previews in the West End.

• Theatre: Old Vic Theatre
• First Preview: April 15, 2019
• Opening: April 23, 2019
• Playwright: Arthur Miller
• Director: Jeremy Herrin
• Cast: Sally Field, Bill Pullman, Jenna Coleman, Colin Morgan, Bessie Carter, Oliver Johnstone, Kayla Meikle, Sule Rimi, Gunnar Cauthery

America, 1947. Despite hard choices and even harder knocks, Joe and Kate Keller are a success story. They have built a home, raised two sons and established a thriving business. But nothing lasts forever and their contented lives, already shadowed by the loss of their eldest boy to war, are about to shatter. With the return of a figure from the past, long buried truths are forced to the surface and the price of their American dream is laid bare.

• Theatre: Southwark Playhouse
• First Preview: April 17, 2019
• Opening: April 23, 2019
• Playwright: Jerry Sterner
• Director: Katharine Farmer
• Cast: Michael Brandon, Lin Blakely, Amy Burke, Rob Locke, Mark Rose

The Wire and Cable Company of New England is a sleepy family-run business – that is until Larry-the-Liquidator threatens to bring a little corporate pillage to the village. With a jam-today approach to both doughnuts and investments, Larry is accustomed to grabbing life by the assets. But CEO Jorgy has a different approach. Will his small town ideas stack up against booming Wall Street? In this darkly funny 80’s play, it all comes down to whether ‘values’ have their price.

• Theatre: Theatre Royal Stratford East
• Opening: April 24, 2019
• Playwright: Sabrina Mahfouz, adapted from the books by Malorie Blackman
• Director: Esther Richardson
• Cast: Heather Agyepong, Billy Harris, Doreene Blackstock, Jack Condon, Daniel Copeland, Lisa Howard, Chris Jack, Kimisha Lewis

Sephy and Callum sit together on a beach. They are in love. It is forbidden. Sephy is a Cross and Callum is a Nought. Between Noughts and Crosses there are racial and social divides. A segregated society teeters on a volatile knife edge. As violence breaks out, Sephy and Callum draw closer, but this is a romance that will lead them into terrible danger. This gripping Romeo and Juliet story by acclaimed writer Malorie Blackman and adapted by Sabrina Mahfouz is a captivating drama of love, revolution and what it means to grow up in a divided world.

• Theatre: Southwark Playhouse
• First Preview: April 19, 2019
• Opening: April 24, 2019
• Music: Fats Waller
• Book: Murray Horowitz and Richard Maltby Jr.
• Director: Tyrone Huntley
• Cast: Adrian Hansel, Renée Lamb, Carly Mercedes-Dyer, Landi Oshinowo, Wayne Robinson

Celebrating the legendary jazz musician Fats Waller and his energetic, exuberant and effervescent music, Ain’t Misbehavin’ steps back into the 1920’s and the raunchy nightclubs of Manhattan. Join an extraordinary group of performers on a journey through a defining period of American musical history, the Harlem Renaissance – where musicians were free to experiment with new styles, and joints were jumpin’ with talented dancers, singers and instrumentalists jamming to a new beat known as swing. Directed by Tyrone Huntley in his directorial debut, and choreographed by Oti Mabuse in her theatrical choreographing debut, this new production will mark the first London revival in almost 25 years.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: April 24, 2019
• Opening: April 26, 2019
• Playwright: Ben Alderton
• Director: Roland Reynolds
• Cast: Ben Hood, Michael Edwards, Cassandra Hercules, Edward Halsted, Venice Van Someren, Mikhail Sen, Annie Tyson, James Bryant, Ben Alderton

Political leaders Ned Contraband and David Carter ruthlessly battle it out to get into government. Whether it’s propaganda, ridicule, hacking, leaking, bullying, blackmail, coalition or negotiation - no tactic is too low. Which party has the best pitch? Who do we set up for failure? Why are we in this situation in the first place? And who is this peculiar janitor talking in riddles? One thing is clear: the system is very much broken. But who’s going to fix it? Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough is a political satire by Fragen Theatre Company taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the unjust, corrupt and farcical pantomime that is British Politics.

• Theatre: London Coliseum
• First Preview: April 26, 2019
• Opening: April 30, 2019
• Book: Dale Wasserman
• Music: Mitch Leigh
• Lyrics: Joe Darion
• Director: Lonny Price
• Cast: Kelsey Grammer, Danielle de Niese, Cassidy Janson, Peter Polycarpou, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Eugene McCoy, Lucy St. Louis, Natasha Leaver, Debra Michaels, Julie Jupp, Minal Patel, Emanuel Alba, Rakesh Boury, Stephen John Davies, Paul F. Monaghan, Ryan Pidgen, David Seadon-Young, Samuel Thomas, Teddy Wills, Femi Akinfolarin, Tim Hodges, Luke Jackson, Dominic Owen, Joseph Poulson, Jocelyn Prah, Anna Woodside, Tash Holway, Helen Walsh, Luke McCall, Alex Pinder

Dream the impossible dream… The award-winning musical Man of La Mancha returns to London, starring Kelsey Grammer and Danielle de Niese. Featuring the iconic song ‘Dream the Impossible Dream’, Man of La Mancha is inspired by Miguel de Cervantes’s masterpiece Don Quixote. Chivalry abounds in this classic tale of knighthood, love, loyalty and adventure.

• Theatre: The Young Vic
• First Preview: April 17, 2019
• Opening: May 1, 2019
• Playwright: Helen Edmundson, adapted from the novel by Andrea Levy
• Directors: Rufus Norris
• Cast: CJ Beckford, Jacqueline Boatswain, Phoebe Frances Brown, Chereen Buckley, Cavan Clarke, Shiloh Coke, Beatie Edney, Gershwyn Eustache Jnr, Adam Ewan, David Fielder, Amy Forrest, Leah Harvey, John Hastings, Stephanie Jacob, Sandra James-Young, Natey Jones, Trevor Laird, Aisling Loftus, Johann Myers, Andrew Rothney

Andrea Levy’s epic, Orange Prize-winning novel bursts to new life on the Olivier stage. A company of 40 tells a story which journeys from Jamaica to Britain, through the Second World War to 1948 – the year the HMT Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury. Adapted for the stage by Helen Edmundson, Small Island follows three intricately connected stories. Hortense yearns for a new life away from rural Jamaica, Gilbert dreams of becoming a lawyer, and Queenie longs to escape her Lincolnshire roots. Hope and humanity meet stubborn reality as the play traces the tangled history of Jamaica and the UK.

• Theatre: Barbican Theatre
• First Preview: April 27, 2019
• Opening: May 1, 2019
• Playwright: Julia Leigh
• Director: Anne-Louise Sarks
• Cast: Maxine Peak

Maxine Peake stars in this adaptation of Julia Leigh’s book, which follows the emotionally-powerful journey one woman takes through IVF treatment, directed by Anne-Louise Sarks. When a woman rekindles an early love in her late 30's her whole life changes. Deciding they want a child together, she and her new husband make a visit to the IVF clinic. So begins a long and costly journey of medical procedures, nightly injections, rituals and the oscillation between high hopes and the depths of despair.

• Theatre: Duke of York's Theatre
• First Preview: April 24, 2019
• Opening: May 2, 2019
• Playwright: Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Duncan Macmillan
• Director: Ian Rickson
• Cast: Hayley Atwell, Tom Burke, Giles Terera, Lucy Briers, Jake Fairbrother, Peter Wight

Ibsen’s political drama Rosmersholm arrives in the West End starring Strike’s Tom Burke and Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Hayley Atwell, in a timely new adaptation by Duncan Macmillan. The play follows John Rosmer (Burke), former clergyman and heir to an influential dynasty – a paragon of principle. With his country mired in political turmoil, and a rabid press baying for blood, Rosmer is at his lowest ebb following the suicide of his wife. Residing in Rosmersholm, his grand family manor, he confides in his childhood friend and long-term infatuation, the free-thinking Rebecca West (Atwell). But their relationship comes to poison both of them, and it soon becomes clear that Rosmer is torn between the hope of future prosperity – and the lingering ghosts of his past.

• Theatre: Hampstead Theatre
• First Preview: April 26, 2019
• Opening: May 2, 2019
• Playwright: Howard Brenton
• Director: Edward Hall
• Cast: Paul Brennen, Merch Husey, Caroline Loncq, Luke MacGregor, Isabella Nefar, Shanaya Rafaat, Anna Savva, Emily Taaffe

About to be fired from her cleaning job for stealing a volume of Euripides, Jude turns her employer’s outrage to shock by translating the ancient Greek on the spot. The employer, a Classics teacher, knows great talent when she sees it and the encounter kick-starts Jude's lifelong ambition to study at Oxford University. Entirely self-taught and possessing an astonishing gift for languages, Jude will stop at nothing to achieve her dream – but she remains oblivious to the hidden barriers that her background has placed in her path... Howard Brenton’s latest play, loosely inspired by Thomas Hardy’s novel Jude the Obscure, is a modern day tale of unexpected genius and of our struggle to accommodate extraordinary talent. Jude will be directed by Edward Hall - his final directorship as Artistic Director of Hampstead Theatre.

• Theatre: Charing Cross Theatre
• First Preview: May 2, 2019
• Opening: May 8, 2019
• Book: Didier Van Cauwelaert
• Music: Michel Legrand
• Lyrics: Jeremy Sams, from the original French by Didier Van Cauwelaert
• Director: Hannah Chissick,
• Cast: Gary Tushaw, Anna O'Byrne, Alasdair Harvey, Elissa Churchill, Claire Machin, Keith Ramsay, Steven Sterlin, Alistair So, Daniel Stockton, Laura Barnard, Jack Reitman

Paris, 1950 - a shy, unassuming civil servant, Dusoleil, lives alone and works diligently in a dreary office. To pass the time, he writes letters to his mother and daydreams about the beautiful Isabelle, who is kept locked away by her controlling husband. When Dusoleil miraculously gains the ability to walk through walls, he not only begins to lead a double life, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor to right the wrongs of his war-impoverished Parisian neighbours, but also gains the self-confidence to woo Isabelle and, just for a while, live the life he has always longed for.

• Theatre: The Young Vic
• First Preview: May 1, 2019
• Opening: May 9, 2019
• Playwright: Arthur Miller
• Directors: Marianne Elliott and Miranda Cromwell
• Cast: Ian Bonar, Trevor Cooper, Sharon D. Clarke, Martins Imhangbe, Arinzé Kene, Joseph Mydell, Nenda Neurer, Wendell Pierce, Jennifer Saayeng, Matthew Seadon-Young, Maggie Service

Award-winning director Marianne Elliott brings her unique vision to one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century, seen through the eyes of an African American family. Wendell Pierce makes his UK stage debut as Willy Loman, with Olivier Award-winning Sharon D. Clarke as Linda Loman and Arinzé Kene as Biff Loman.

• Theatre: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
• First Preview: April 23, 2019
• Opening: May 10, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Directors: Sarah Bedi and Federay Holmes
• Cast: Sarah Amankwah, Philip Arditti, Nina Bowers, Jonathan Broadbent, Leaphia Darko, Steffan Donnelly, Colin Hurley, John Leader, Sophie Russell, Helen Schlesinger, Michelle Terry

Two Harrys: Harry Hotspur and Prince Hal. Sons to enemy fathers: Sir Henry Percy and King Henry IV. Hotspur is preparing to lead an army against the King – incensed at the King’s dismissal of the Percy family’s demands. But Hal is occupied in the pubs and streets of Eastcheap with his companion Sir John Falstaff, uninterested in his inheritance and in the fate of his country. In a polarised England, each person must choose which truth to believe, and which cause to call their own.

• Theatre: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
• First Preview: April 25, 2019
• Opening: May 10, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Directors: Sarah Bedi and Federay Holmes
• Cast: Sarah Amankwah, Philip Arditti, Nina Bowers, Jonathan Broadbent, Leaphia Darko, Steffan Donnelly, Colin Hurley, John Leader, Sophie Russell, Helen Schlesinger, Michelle Terry

As King Henry IV lies dying and the rebels maintain their unrest, Falstaff, returned war-hero, and closest confidant of Prince Hal, is engaged to recruit for the King’s army. Falstaff is tired of war, he longs for it to be over, to return to the taverns of Eastcheap, and once the old King is dead, take his place in the court of his ‘sweet Prince’, King Henry V. A nation at war with itself. A battleground between old friendships and new duties. And Falstaff stands at the heart of these conflicts.

• Theatre: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
• First Preview: April 30, 2019
• Opening: May 10, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Directors: Sarah Bedi and Federay Holmes
• Cast: Sarah Amankwah, Philip Arditti, Nina Bowers, Jonathan Broadbent, Leaphia Darko, Steffan Donnelly, Colin Hurley, John Leader, Sophie Russell, Helen Schlesinger, Michelle Terry

There’s trouble brewing between England and France…As King Henry V attempts to prove himself a worthy ruler, he brazenly lays claim to parts of France. When France mocks his claim, he leads the English forces across the Channel. England is at war.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: May 9, 2019
• Opening: May 13, 2019
• Playwright: Jonathan Maitland
• Director: Lotte Wakeham
• Cast: Will Barton, Dugald Bruce Lockhart, Davina Moon, Steve Nallon, Tim Wallers, Arabella Weir

It was the dinner that changed history: the night in February 2016 when Boris Johnson decided to vote ‘leave’. Guests included fellow MP Michael Gove, media mogul Evgeny Lebedev and, for Boris at least, the spirits of prime ministers past – Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Tony Blair. Fast forward to post-Brexit Britain, 2029: a country divided. Boris is back in the political wilderness and has ambitions to make Britain great again, but what are his true intentions? Navigating a career in politics and the media, Boris remains as divisive as ever and in an unexpected turn of events, soon finds himself mired - yet again - in controversy. Written by Jonathan Maitland, this timely comedy drama offers an insight into the mind of one of the most divisive politicians of our time.

• Theatre: Hampstead Theatre Downstairs
• First Preview: May 3, 2019
• Opening: May 14, 2019
• Playwright: Roy Williams
• Director: Denis Lawson
• Cast: Makir Ahmed, George Eggay, Ray Fearon, Clarence Smith, Jay Simpson

In a pub in South London ‘The Firm’ reunite for the first time in twelve years. Once they were a notorious criminal gang. Today, they’re older, wiser and wistful - their lives changed beyond recognition. But when an uninvited guest turns up to their reunion with an intriguing proposition and an explosive secret, they’re tempted to try their hands at one last job… Will they escape their pasts unscathed? Roy Williams’ gripping play is a tale of growing up, lifelong loyalties and how sometimes, it is possible to choose your own family.

• Theatre: Menier Chocolate Factory
• First Preview: May 9, 2019
• Opening: May 15, 2019
• Playwright: Tennessee Williams
• Director: Tamara Harvey
• Cast: Hattie Morahan, Seth Numrich, Catrin Aaron, Michael Geary, Valentine Hanson, Jenny Livsey, Laura Jane Matthewson, Mark Meadows, Ifan Meredith, Ian Porter, Jemima Rooper, Carol Royle, Carrie Quinlan

Lady is trapped in a loveless marriage, surrounded by intolerant people, living a boring small-town life. But when a wild-eyed charismatic drifter appears, a new life of love and passion suddenly seem possible. Everything will change as certainty, conformity and tradition are ripped apart. Tennessee Williams' Deep South American drama is directed by Theatr Clwyd’s Artistic Director Tamara Harvey.

• Theatre: Royal Court Theatre- Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
• First Preview: May 14, 2019
• Opening: May 15, 2019
• Playwright: Selina Thompson
• Director: Dawn Walton
• Cast: Selina Thompson

In February 2016, two artists got on a cargo ship, and retraced one of the routes of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – from the UK to Ghana to Jamaica, and back. Their memories, their questions and their grief took them along the bottom of the Atlantic and through the figurative realm of an imaginary past. It was a long journey backwards, in order to go forwards. This show is what they brought back. Part of artist Selina Thompson’s wider body of work looking at Black British identity, the award-winning salt. focuses on grief, home, afropressism, the Black Atlantic, the forgetting of the UK’s colonial history and the impact that has on the daily life of Caribbean communities in the UK today.

• Theatre: Royal Court Theatre- Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
• First Preview: May 10, 2019
• Opening: May 16, 2019
• Playwright: Anchuli Felicia King
• Director: Nana Dakin
• Cast: Kae Alexander, Farzana Dua Elahe, Arty Froushan, Katie Leung, Kanako Nakano, Minhee Yeo, Momo Yeung

In Singapore, Clearday has developed from a small start-up company to a leading international cosmetic brand in less than a year. But when a draft of the company’s latest skin cream advert is leaked, the video goes viral globally for all the wrong reasons. YouTube views are in the thousands and keep climbing; anger is building on social media; and journalists are starting to cover the story. This is an international PR nightmare; the company cannot be seen to be racist- they’ve got to get it taken down before America wakes up.

• Theatre: Southwark Playhouse
• First Preview: May 15, 2019
• Opening: May 17, 2019
• Book: Jethro Compton, based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald
• Music and Lyrics: Darren Clark
• Director: Jethro Compton
• Cast: Matt Burns, Rosalind Ford, Joey Hickman, Philippa Jogg, James Marlowe

Discover a sleepy fishing harbour at the end of the First World War – home to a most curious story of one man, and the timeless tale of a love that defies all odds. Born in the most unusual circumstances, Benjamin Button is an old man, not at the end of his life, but at the beginning. Trapped in a body where he doesn’t belong, locked away from the world and branded a monster, Benjamin dreams of freedom and adventure. And more than anything, he dreams of love. But just as he gives up hope, resigning himself to a life of solitude, a miracle occurs – a local girl, by the name of Elowen Keene. But, as we all know, time and tide wait for no man, and as the decades pass, their lives begin to move in reverse. And when war calls Benjamin across the seas, time is not their only enemy.

• Theatre: King's Head Theatre
• Opening: May 19, 2019
• Playwright: Maureen Sherlock
• Director: Maureen Sherlock
• Cast: Amanda Muggleton

Grande dame, adventuress, beauty, wit – the flamboyant Coral Browne travelled a world away from her humble Australian beginnings to become the toast of the London stage in the 1940’s. She also made unforgettable screen appearances in Auntie Mame, The Killing of Sister George, Dennis Potter's Dreamchild and Alan Bennett's An Englishman Abroad in which she famously played herself encountering the spy Guy Burgess during a theatre tour of Moscow. Sexually adventurous with a deliciously bawdy wit, Coral was almost as well known for her glamorous lifestyle as she was for her memorable stage and screen performances. She had a string of famous lovers, including Paul Robeson and Maurice Chevalier, and enjoyed a late-life marriage to the king of schlock horror, Vincent Price. In the U.K. premiere of this critically-acclaimed one-woman play, the wonderful Amanda Muggleton and writer/director Maureen Sherlock revisit Coral’s colourful life and sparkling career, putting this Grande Dame back into the spotlight where she belongs.

• Theatre: National Theatre- Dorfman Theatre
• First Preview: May 11, 2019
• Opening: May 21, 2019
• Playwright: Ella Hickson, Ben and Max Ringham
• Director: Natalie Abrahami
• Cast: Nathalie Armin, Max Bennett, Jamie Bradley, Phoebe Fox

1968. East Berlin. Anna and Hans are married, in love and moving up in the world – but it is a world ruled by suspicion. Who can be trusted when everyone is listening? Created by playwright Ella Hickson and sound designers Ben and Max Ringham, this tense new thriller is directed by Natalie Abrahami. It uses individual audio headsets to give the audience intimate access to events as they unfold over one evening, in East Berlin. Can we ever escape our past?

• Theatre: Trafalgar Studios 2
• First Preview: May 16, 2019
• Opening: May 21, 2019
• Playwright: Philip Ridley
• Director: Robert Chevara
• Cast: Louise Jameson, Thomas Mahy

Vincent River, Philip Ridley’s perennially powerful exploration of hate crime, returns to the West End at Trafalgar Studios starring Louise Jameson. Society’s obsession with crushing ‘difference’ is the central theme to Vincent River, which was last revived at the Park Theatre in 2018. This hit production now makes the switch to central London in a heart-breaking and darkly humorous exploration of our own prejudices. Set in a dilapidated flat in Dagenham, Vincent River follows two characters: Davey, who has seen something he can never forget, and Anita, who has been forced to flee her home. Burdened by the events of the past, their meeting will change both of their lives forever.

• Theatre: Piccadilly Theatre
• First Preview: May 11, 2019
• Opening: May 22, 2019
• Playwright: Stefano Massini, English adaptation by Ben Power
• Director: Sam Mendes
• Cast: Adam Godley, Ben Miles, Simon Russell Beale

Following a sold-out run at the National Theatre, The critically acclaimed The Lehman Trilogy will transfer to the Piccadilly Theatre in the West End from May 2019. Beginning in 1844, The Lehman Trilogy charts the formation of the Lehman Brothers bank, as a young man from Bavaria with a big dream made a splash in New York with the help of his two brothers. From here, the play skips 163 years of banking history, and tells of the establishment of the bank, and its doomed fate which led to the biggest global financial collapse in history, affecting each and every one of us.

• Theatre: Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
• First Preview: May 16, 2019
• Opening: May 22, 2019
• Playwright: Thornton Wilder
• Director: Ellen McDougall
• Cast: Phil Adèle, Pandora Colin, Karl Collins, Tom Edden, Jim Findley, Francesca Henry, Peter Hobday, Arthur Hughes, Terique Jarrett, Thusitha Jayasundera, Natalie Klamar, Louis Martin, Miriam Nyarko, Garry Robson, Nicola Sloane, Cleo Sylvestre

Birth; marriage; death. And everything in between. Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning play celebrates what it means to be human, the bonds that hold communities together, and our relationships with the ancient past and the eternal tomorrow.

• Theatre: Theatre Royal Stratford East
• First Preview: May 17, 2019
• Opening: May 23, 2019
• Playwright: August Wilson
• Director: Nadia Fall
• Cast: Lenny Henry, Dexter Flanders, Martina Laird, Aaron Pierre, Cherrelle Skeete, Leo Wringer

1980s Pittsburgh, a city in decay. Against the backdrop of Reagan’s America, King, an ex-con, is trying to rebuild his life and start a family. He’s got hopes and dreams of opening a video store and building a new life. If only he can get ten thousand dollars together, if only he can catch a break. In his dusty backyard he plots and plans with his friend Mister, but is this all a pipe dream? Featuring Lenny Henry as smooth-talking hustler Elmore, August Wilson’s touching and angry King Hedley II is a quest for redemption for one man and a whole community.

• Theatre: Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
• First Preview: May 21, 2019
• Opening: May 23, 2019
• Book and Lyrics: Carl Grose
• Music: Charles Hazlewood
• Director: Mike Shepherd
• Cast: Rina Fatania, Georgia Frost, James Gow, Angela Hardie, Martin Hyder, Dave Johnzy, Giles King, Patrycja Kujawska, Lucy Rivers, Alex Lupo, Dominic Marsh, Beverly Rudd, Sarah Wright, Tim Dalling

Kneehigh are wildly excited to be returning to the Lyric with their trail-blazing and much celebrated theatrical tour-de-force Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs). Based on The Beggar’s Opera, John Gay’s classic musical satire, Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs) is busting with wit, wonder and weirdness. Kneehigh’s extraordinary cast of actor musicians shoot, hoot and shimmy their way through this twisted morality tale of our times.

• Theatre: Park Theatre London
• First Preview: May 21, 2019
• Opening: May 24, 2019
• Playwright: Tom Glover
• Director: Glen Walford
• Cast: Marlene Sidaway, Ian Redford, Kevin Tomlinson, Abigail Hood

Quentin Tarantino meets Last of the Summer Wine in this wickedly funny, high octane comedy about growing old passionately and disgracefully. When unscrupulous, over-confident salesman Simon Sudgebury comes knocking on the door of the seemingly timid Flora Parkin, hoping to scare her into buying an expensive alarm system, little does he realise what he is about to let himself in for. Feisty, charismatic 75 year old Flora and her gentle 72 year old ‘toy boy’ lover George are not what they first appear!

• Theatre: National Theatre- Lyttelton Theatre
• First Preview: May 16, 2019
• Opening: May 28, 2019
• Playwright: Githa Sowerby
• Director: Polly Findlaay
• Cast: Roger Allam, Joe Armstrong, Harry Hepple, Barbara Marten, Justine Mitchell, Saly Rogers, Sam Troughton, Anjana Vasan

In a Northern industrial town, John Rutherford rules both factory and family with an iron will. But even as the furnaces burn relentlessly at the Glassworks, at home his children begin to turn against him. Githa Sowerby’s astonishing play was inspired by her own experience of growing up in a family-run factory in Gateshead. Writing in 1912, when female voices were seldom heard on British stages, she now claims her place alongside Ibsen and Bernard Shaw with this searing depiction of class, gender and generational warfare.

• Theatre: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
• First Preview: May 17, 2019
• Opening: May 28, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Nicole Charles and Elle While
• Cast: Hedydd Dylan, Sarah Finigan, Bryony Hannah, Richard Katz, Joshua Lacey, Forbes Masson, Anne Odeke, Jude Owusu, Pearce Quigley, Anita Reynolds, Boadicea Ricketts, Dikon Tyrrell, Zach Wyatt

Double-meanings, disguises and dirty laundry abound as Sir John Falstaff sets about improving his financial situation by wooing Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. But the ‘Merry Wives’ quickly cotton on to his tricks and decide to have a bit of fun of their own at Falstaff’s expense…The story goes that Elizabeth I was so taken with the character of Falstaff in Henry IV that she asked Shakespeare to write a comedy about the disreputable knight falling in love. The resultant play is the only comedy that Shakespeare set in his native land, and with its dexterous mingling of verbal and physical humour, The Merry Wives of Windsor inaugurated a tradition that reaches right down to the contemporary English sitcom.

• Theatre: Wyndhams Theatre
• First Preview: May 16, 2019
• Opening: May 29, 2019
• Playwright: Kenneth Lonergan
• Director: Sam Yates
• Cast: Matthew Broderick, Elizabeth McGovern

Written by Kenneth Lonergan, the Academy Award-winning writer of Manchester By The Sea, The Starry Messenger is a bittersweet story of love, hope and finding our place in the universe. The show centres on Mark Williams, an astronomer at New York City’s Planetarium, whose life is spiralling downwards. With his marriage under pressure, his job under threat, and his thoughts consumed with grief, Mark’s head is lost to the celestial universe. But although Mark doesn’t believe in faith or divine intervention, the universe has other ideas. And when Angela, a young single mother, unexpectedly enters Mark’s life, he finds himself set on an uplifting new path. But along the way, he’ll be forced to re-evaluate his life, his faith – and his place amongst the stars.

• Theatre: Trafalgar Studios 1
• First Preview: May 31 2019
• Opening: June 5, 2019
• Concept: The Wardrobe Ensemble
• Director: Jesse Jones and Helena Middleton
• Cast: Tom England, Emily Greenslade, Jesse Meadows, James Newton, Tom Brennan, Ben Vardy

It's May 1997. Tony Blair has won the election and Katrina and the Waves have won Eurovision. The iPhone doesn't exist, no one knows who Harry Potter is and Titanic is on the shelves of every Blockbuster. Britain is the coolest place in the world. At the local secondary school, it's a different story. It's the last week of term and Tobias, the new German language assistant has just arrived in the UK. While political change occurs outside of the classroom, a revolution slowly starts to take place within it. Tobias is greeted by a group of eccentric schoolteachers just trying to make it through the day, including Miss Belltop-Doyle who can't control her year 10s and Mr Pashley who is trying to keep a confiscated Tamagotchi alive. This whip-smart show is a love letter to education in the 90s and is jam-packed with more hits than ‘Now That’s What I Call 1997’ including Oasis, Katrina and the Waves, The Spice Girls. Crammed with Teletubbies references, jokes about Take That and the Macarena, Education, Education, Education is the new must see comedy of 2019

• Theatre: Young Vic- The Maria
• First Preview: June 1, 2019
• Opening: June 5, 2019
• Playwright: Okwui Okpokwasili
• Director: Peter Born
• Cast: Okwui Okpokwasili

Part theatre, part dance and part visual art installation, Okwui Okpokwasili’s Bronx Gothicdelves into her memories of growing up in the Bronx, before emerging into a breathtaking exploration of girlhood. Created in collaboration with Peter Born, in this UK premiere, Bronx Gothic draws on inspiration from West African griot storytelling and the epistolary style of the Victorian novel to ask what it means to be brown in a world that values whiteness.

• Theatre: Southwark Playhouse
• First Preview: June 5, 2019
• Opening: June 11, 2019
• Playwright: S. Asher Gelman
• Director: Tom O'Brien
• Cast: TBA

Josh and Alex are a married couple in an open relationship. But after young Darius shares their bed for a night, a new intimate connection begins to form, and all three men must come head to head with one another’s notions of love, intimacy, and commitment. Premiering in the UK after a multiple-extended hit run Off-Broadway. The climax is just the beginning…

• Theatre: Bridge Theatre
• First Preview: June 3, 2019
• Opening: June 12, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Nicholas Hytner
• Cast: Paul Adeyefa, Hammed Animashaun, Charlotte Atkinson, Tessa Bonham Jones, Oliver Chris, Gwendoline Christie, Jermaine Freeman, Isis Hainsworth, Chipo Kureya, Francis Lovehall, Kevin McMonagle, Ami Metcalf, Jamie-Rose Monk, Felicity Montagu, David Moorst, Lennin Nelson-McClure, Rachel Tolzman, Jay Webb, Kit Young

Shakespeare’s great comedy plunges its audience into the heart of an enchanted forest, a place of change and infinite possibility. In the Bridge’s immersive production, you sit close up to the action, or follow it on foot into a dream world of feuding fairies and uncontrollable desire.

• Theatre: Gielgud Theatre
• First Preview: June 7, 2019
• Opening: June 12, 2019
• Playwright: Lynne Nottage
• Director: Lynette Linton
• Cast: Leanne Best, Osy Ikhile, Wil Johnson, Stuart McQuarrie, Clare Perkins, Martha Plimpton, Sule Rimi, Sebastian Viveros

This massively acclaimed production of Pulitzer Prize-winning play Sweat, based on interviews with residents of a poverty-stricken city in America, makes a West End transfer. Sweat tickets were quick to sell out at the Donmar Warehouse, so audiences will be pleased to have another chance to catch this brilliantly received production at the Gielgud Theatre. Sweat is based on writer Lynn Nottage’s experience of living in Reading, Pennsylvania – officially one of the poorest cities in the USA – in 2011. The show follows a city suffering from the collapse of industry – full of heart and passion, but struggling to contend with the effects of de-industrialisation.

• Theatre: London Coliseum
• Opening: June 14, 2019
• Book: Alexander Dinelaris
• Music and Lyrics: Emilio & Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine
• Director: Jerry Mitchell
• Cast: Christie Prades, George Ioannides, Madalena Alberto, Karen Mann, Philippa Stefani, Hollie Cassar, Francisco Del Solar, Katie Dunsden, Eduardo Enrikez, Laura Friedrich Tejero, Denzel Giskus, Francesca Lara Gordon, Yonly Leyva Desdunes, Elia Lo Tauro, Martin McCarthy, Alicia Mencía, Ciro Lourencio Meulens, Carl Patrick, Clayton Rosa, Julia Ruiz Fernandez, Shanna Michelle Slaap, Dawnita Smith, Frank van Hengel, Despina Violari, Alain Zambrana Borges

Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s smash-hit musical comes to London in 2019 direct from Broadway for a strictly limited season. On Your Feet! is the inspiring true love story of Emilio and Gloria and charts their journey from its origins in Cuba, onto the streets of Miami and finally to international superstardom.

• Theatre: London Coliseum
• Opening: June 14, 2019
• Book: Craig Lucas
• Music and Lyrics: Adam Guettel
• Director: Daniel Evans
• Cast: Renée Fleming, Dove Cameron, Alex Jennings, Rob Houchen, Marie McLaughlin, Liam Tamne, Celinde Schoenmaker, Matthew Woodyatt, Simbi Akande, Danny Becker, Nicholas Duncan, Chlöe Hart, Molly Lynch, Rhona McGregor, Tom Partridge, and Monica Swayne

Be transported to sun-drenched Italy by the London premiere of Broadway hit musical The Light in the Piazza, starring Renée Fleming and Dove Cameron. The production is directed by multiple Olivier Award winner Daniel Evans and performed by Opera North’s 40-piece onstage orchestra. Florence. Summer 1953. As American Margaret Johnson and her daughter Clara take in the city’s wonders, a fateful gust of wind whisks Clara’s hat into the hands of local dreamer Fabrizio Naccarelli... and it’s amore at first sight. But Clara isn’t quite what she appears, and soon they must all confront a secret that’s been kept in the shadows for far too long.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: June 13, 2019
• Opening: June 17, 2019
• Playwright: Meghan Kennedy
• Director: Lisa Blair
• Cast: Hannah Bristow, Mona Goodwin, Stephen Hogan, Georgia May Foote, Gloria Onitiri

The Muscolinos have raised three proud and passionate daughters. Each of them bonded by a fierce love for one another and harbouring a secret longing that could tear the family apart. When an earth-shattering event rocks their Park Slope neighbourhood, life comes to a screeching halt and the sisters are forced to confront their conflicting visions for the future in this gripping, provocative and poignant portrait of love in all its danger and beauty.

• Theatre: Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
• First Preview: June 14, 2019
• Opening: June 17, 2019
• Music: Engelbert Humperdinck
• Director: Timothy Sheader
• Cast: Rachel Kelly, Heather Lowe, Susanna Hurrell, Elizabeth Karani, Rosie Aldridge, Gweneth Ann Rand, Duncan Rock, Ben McAteer, Alasdair Elliott, John Findon, Gillian Keith, He Wu

Following last season's production of The Turn of the Screw, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre continues their collaboration with English National Opera, with Engelbert Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel. In the unique environment of Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, experience the Grimm Brothers' fairytale anew in this operatic retelling, sung in English. Ben Glassberg conducts members of the ENO Orchestra, with direction by Open Air Theatre Artistic director Timothy Sheader.

• Theatre: Garrick Theatre
• First Preview: June 7, 2019
• Opening: June 19, 2019
• Playwright: David Mamet
• Director: David Mamet
• Cast: John Malkovich, Doon Mackichan, Ioanna Kimbook

Hollywood is a hell hole. Everything in Hollywood is for sale except the awards, which are for rent. Bitter Wheat is a play about a depraved Hollywood mogul. It rips the pashmina off the suppurating wound which is show business, and leaves us better human beings, and fitter to once more confront the horror of life. Our hero, Barney Fein, is a bloated monster – a studio head, who like his predecessor, the minotaur, devours the young he has lured into his cave. His fall from power to shame is a mythic journey which has been compared to The Odyssey by people who claim to have read that book. A new play starring John Malkovich in his return to the stage after 33 years, written and directed by David Mamet.

• Theatre: Vaudeville Theatre
• Opening: June 19, 2019
• Playwright: Anton Checkov
• Director: Lev Dodin
• Cast: Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg

Following last year’s critically acclaimed season, the masterful Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg return to the West End with their brilliant reinvention of Chekhov’s Three Sisters. This masterpiece of a play is brilliantly reinvented by the internationally renowned company, telling the tragicomic story of the Prozorov sisters as they contend with their disillusioned lives in a provincial Russian town.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: June 18, 2019
• Opening: June 24, 2019
• Playwright: Tuyen Do
• Director: Kristine Landon-Smith
• Cast: TBA

Mai is impulsive, intelligent, independent and growing up fast. As well as realising from a young age that her family are nursing deep wounds and secrets, she also has to navigate her dual identity as a second generation immigrant. Having escaped war-torn Vietnam, her family’s individual journeys and memories have left scars that Mai was too young to understand. Embracing their silence, Mai’s camera becomes a conduit through which her journey of discovery begins. Summer Rolls by critically-acclaimed actress Tuyen Do is a sweeping family saga that examines the Nguyen family’s life in Britain. This marks a seminal moment as the first British Vietnamese play to be staged in the United Kingdom.

• Theatre: The Old Vic
• First Preview: June 17, 2019
• Opening: June 25, 2019
• Playwright: Noël Coward
• Director: Matthew Warchus
• Cast: Andrew Scott, Sophie Thompson, Luke Thallon, Suzie Toase, Indira Varma

Present Laughter follows Garry Essendine, a successful comic actor who is about to embark on an African tour. Dealing with besotted admirers, he has to cope with his secretary, his wife and everyone around him as he begins to fall into a mid-life crisis. Discussing theatrical business, Essendine has to also deal with rumours of extra-marital relationships that could affect his career. Andrew Scott will star as Garry Essendine in the upcoming production of Present Laughter, joining a long line of actors who have played the lead role including Ian McKellen, David Threlfall and Rik Mayall.

• Theatre: Almeida Theatre
• First Preview: June 17, 2019
• Opening: June 26, 2019
• Playwright: Thomas Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm, adapted by David Farr
• Director: Rupert Goold
• Cast: Michele Austin, Danny Kirrane, Tobias Menzies, Howard Ward

In a small town in northern Denmark, the children celebrate Harvest Festival. In the forest by the water the men of the lodge stand naked in the cold. This is their country. This is their song. In the shadows a lonely child gives a strange man her heart. The hunt begins. Almeida Artistic Director Rupert Goold directs The Hunt by David Farr, based on the critically acclaimed Danish film thriller Jagten, by Thomas Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm.

• Theatre: Donmar Warehouse
• First Preview: June 20, 2019
• Opening: June 26, 2019
• Playwright: David Greig
• Director: Michael Longhurst
• Cast: Billy Howle, Kevork Malikyan, Faye Marsay, Stephen Wight, Shane Zaza

Something changed today. The trains are no longer stopping at the station on the border and no one knows why. Plus, the stationmaster suddenly has two new arrivals to deal with. Arrivals that will divide the local population. This prophetic early masterpiece from David Greig explores England's complex relationship to Europe – as a continent, a refuge, an idea. Michael Longhurst directs the 25th anniversary revival as his inaugural production as Artistic Director of the Donmar.

• Theatre: Trafalgar Studios 2
• First Preview: June 25, 2019
• Opening: June 28, 2019
• Playwright: Michael Dennis
• Director: Andrew Keates
• Cast: Marina Sirtis

A love letter to British sci-fi television, Michael Dennis’ Dark Sublime stars Star Trek: The Next Generation actress Marina Sirtis in her West End debut. Dark Sublime is a play which explores what happens when a mega-fan, Oli, arrives at the door of Marianne, a now-forgotten sci-fi TV icon whose career highlights seem well behind her. All Oli wants is an autograph from Marianne, and all she wants is a second chance at stardom – something more substantial than a half-remembered role on a cult TV show. But, with enough time and space, their sudden encounter might just lead to both their wishes coming true, as they begin to explore one another’s worlds.

• Theatre: Ambassadors Theatre
• First Preview: June 15, 2019
• Opening: July 2, 2019
• Book: Jake Brunger
• Lyrics: Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary
• Music: Pippa Cleary
• Director: Luke Sheppard
• Cast: TBA

The book that inspired every teenager to write their own diary has become a musical, as Adrian Mole makes his West End debut in The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾ – The Musical! Sue Townsend’s The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾ – The Musical has already had two incredibly successful runs at Leicester’s Curve theatre and the Menier Chocolate Factory. Now the socially awkward teenager is moving into the Ambassadors Theatre for a limited season from 15 June until 12 October 2019.

• Theatre: Lyric Theatre Hammermsith
• First Preview: June 27, 2019
• Opening: July 2, 2019
• Playwright: Michael Frayn
• Director: Jeremy Herrin
• Cast: TBA

Noises Off premiered at the Lyric Hammersmith in 1982 and instantly became an iconic British comedy. With technical brilliance and split-second timing, it takes us behind the scenes with a company of actors in a hilarious and heartfelt tribute to the unpredictability of life in the theatre. Hailed as one of the funniest plays of all time, Noises Off makes its triumphant return to the Lyric almost 40 years on, in a bold new production by Jeremy Herrin for fans to enjoy and new audiences to discover.

• Theatre: Royal Court Theate- Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
• First Preview: June 27, 2019
• Opening: July 3, 2019
• Playwright: Jack Thorne
• Director: John Tiffany
• Cast: TBA

Newbury, 1997. Sal is attempting to cook dinner for the family. She and husband David have pulled off a coup and gathered their brood back home for the weekend. Eldest son Carl is bringing his new girlfriend to meet everyone for the first time; middle daughter Polly is back from Cambridge University for the occasion; and youngest Tom will hopefully make it out of detention in time for dinner. Sal and David would rather feed their kids with leftist ideals and welfarism than fancy cuisine. When you’ve named each of your offspring after your socialist heroes, you’ve given them a lot to live up to…

• Theatre: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
• First Preview: June 28, 2019
• Opening: July 3, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Sean Holmes
• Cast: TBA

Four sparring lovers take refuge in the woods, only to find themselves in the midst of a dispute between the king and queen of the fairies. With the roguish Puck causing havoc, what could possibly go wrong? Shakespeare’s evergreen comedy is a tale of order and chaos, love and fantasy. It glitters with dramatic poetry and is full of mischief, misunderstanding and merriment.

• Theatre: Barbican Theatre
• Opening: July 4, 2019
• Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
• Lyrics: Tim Rice
• Director: Timothy Sheader
• Cast: Robert Tripolino, Ricardo Afonso, Sallay Garnett, Matt Cardle, Cavin Cornwall, Nathan Amzi

Following two sell-out seasons at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar returns to London for a limited season. Originally written as a rock opera album, Jesus Christ Superstar made its explosive debut on the Broadway stage in 1971. The show transferred to the West End the following year where it ran for eight years and went on to become one of the most enduring musicals of its time. Its rock musicians, contemporary design and thrilling choreography make this energetic and emotionally charged production unforgettable.

• Theatre: Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
• First Preview: June 28, 2019
• Opening: July 5, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Dominic Hill
• Cast: TBA

Shakespeare's fantastical fable of desire, confusion, jealousy and growing up. Through live music, playful adventure and physical invention, see the lovers' world transformed into a place of magic, laughter and healing, as we journey into the woods.

• Theatre: Southwark Playhouse
• First Preview: July 3, 2019
• Opening: July 5, 2019
• Book, Muisc and Lyrics: Alex James Ellison and Tom Lees
• Director: TBA
• Cast: Dan Buckley, Hiba Elchikhe, Kayleigh McKnight

Fiver, a new musical by Alex James Ellison and Tom Lees, follows the story of a humble five pound note as it passes through the hands and pockets of people in London. Often unnoticed and obviously unaware, the fiver is present for significant moments in each person’s life – whether it be an appreciation of their skills as a street performer; the start or end of a relationship; or the simple realisation that they can afford a bed for the night. The diverse characters in Fiver are explored through a broad variety of musical styles as we follow our unusual hero through the ups and down of what is – to a fiver – just a normal day.

• Theatre: Shaftesbury Theatre
• Opening: July 6, 2019
• Cast: James More, Enzo, Yu Ho-Jin, Adam Trent, Chris Cox, Paul Dabek, Jonathan Goodwin

Returning to the West End for a second time due to popular demand, The Illusionists features astonishing acts and outrageous tricks from five of the top illusionists in the world. Well-received by critics on a global scale, the show has been praised as a high-tech magic extravaganza, as well as deliciously, self-knowingly over the top and brain-bendingly spectacular – genuinely satisfying family entertainment that should not be missed. Expect jaw-dropping events to unfold.

• Theatre: Royal Court Theate- Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
• First Preview: July 4, 2019
• Opening: July 8, 2019
• Playwright: Jasmine Lee-Jones
• Director:Milli Bhatia
• Cast: TBA

Holed up in her bedroom Cleo’s ignored 22 calls from Kara and has cut off contact with the rest of the world. It doesn’t mean that she’s been silent though – she’s got a lot to say. On the internet, actions don’t always speak louder than words…

• Theatre: National Theatre- Olivier Theatre
• First Preview: June 27, 2019
• Opening: July 9, 2019
• Playwright: Henrik Ibsen, in a new version by David Hare
• Director: Jonathan Kent
• Cast: Tamsin Carroll, Anya Charlotra, Jonathan Coy, Lauren Ellis-Steele, Oliver Ford Davies, Caroline Deyga, Andrew Fraser, Guy Henry, Dani Heron, Ryan Hunter, Isabelle Joss, James McArdle, Lorne MacFayden, Adam McNamara, Martin Quinn, Ann Louise Ross, Nabil Shaban, and Jatinder Singh Randhawa

Peter Gynt has always set his heart on being special, on being a unique individual, on being unlike anyone else. When he steals the bride from a local wedding, he sets off on a lifetime journey which will take him to Florida, to Egypt, to a mountain of trolls, and finally, only when death approaches, back to his home in Scotland. In this radical new version, David Hare kidnaps Ibsen’s most famous hero and runs away with him into the 21st century. James McArdle takes the title role in this epic story of transformation.

• Theatre: National Theatre- Dorfman
• First Preview: July 5, 2019
• Opening: July 10, 2019
• Playwright: Ben Weatherill
• Director: Tim Hoare
• Cast: Sarah Gordy, Penny Layden, Nicky Priest

Following a sold-out run at the Bush Theatre last year, Sarah Gordy returns to play Kelly for a limited run of this radical and heartfelt new play. Jellyfish is the story of a first kiss, chips by the beach and coming of age with Down’s Syndrome in a seaside town. It’s a unique romance across uncharted waters which asks: does everyone really have the right to love as they choose?

• Theatre: Young Vic- The Clare
• Opening: July 10, 2019
• Playwright: Hattie Naylor
• Director: Caitriona Shoobridge
• Cast: TBA

Four-year-old Ivan would rather face living on the streets of Moscow than stay home. Now, to survive he faces new challenges; from young gangs of boys to the police, and his own hunger. But all is not lost as Ivan finds family amongst the other outcasts around him – the dogs. Genesis Award winner Caitriona Shoobridge directs this one-person play exploring the need for kindness and trust, when despite being betrayed by the people around you, family can still be forged in the face of adversity.

• Theatre: London Palladium
• First Preview: June 26, 2019
• Opening: July 11, 2019
• Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
• Lyrics: Tim Rice
• Director: Laurence Connor
• Cast: Jac Yarrow, Sheridan Smith, Jason Donovan

50 years on from its release as a concept album, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will have us all dreaming again at the London Palladium. Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tells the story of Jacob’s favourite son, Joseph, and his eleven brothers. Sold into slavery out of the jealousy of his kin, Joseph finds himself in Egypt, where his reputation burgeons under Potiphar. But when he rejects the advances of Potiphar’s wife, Joseph is thrown into jail, where he discovers a unique ability to interpret dreams. Can he use this to resolve Egypt’s family and reunite with his family once more?

• Theatre: Lyric Theatre
• First Preview: July 3, 2019
• Opening: July 12, 2019
• Playwrights: Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
• Director: Olivia Jacobs
• Cast: TBA

Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood in Tall Stories’ magical, musical adaptation of the classic picture book, The Gruffalo. The famous book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler sees a mouse take a stroll through the deep dark wood, searching for hazelnuts, Mouse meets the cunning Fox, the eccentric old Owl and the high-spirited Snake. Will the story of the terrifying Gruffalo save Mouse from ending up as dinner for these hungry woodland creatures? After all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo – is there?

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• Opening: July 15, 2019
• Playwrights: Jez Bond and Mark Cameron
• Directors: Jez Bond and Mark Cameron
• Cast: Patrick Ryecart, Natasha Cottriall, Candida Gubbins, Lewis Bruniges, Omar Ibrahim, Will Barton, and Featuring the voices of Judi Dench and Ian McKellen and a different celebrity guest at every performance!

An isolated manor, a storm brewing and a stranger at the door. The clichés flow as freely as the suspicious liquor in the library, but this murder mystery spoof has one hell of a twist. Whodunnit [Unrehearsed] not only features the voices of Ian McKellen and Judi Dench, but also a different celebrity in each performance stepping in as the Inspector without any rehearsal and without ever having seen the script.

• Theatre: Noël Coward Theatre
• First Preview: July 6, 2019
• Opening: July 16, 2019
• Playwright: Tennessee Williams
• Director: James Macdonald
• Cast: Clive Owen, Julian Glover, Anna Gunn, Lia Williams

The Night of the Iguana, the classic play written by acclaimed American playwright Tennessee Williams, returns to the West End at the Noel Coward Theatre starring Clive Owen this July. Set in a dilapidated Mexican hotel, it follows the interactions between a promiscuous widow, a clergyman and a spinster.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: July 16, 2019
• Opening: July 19, 2019
• Playwright: Christopher Durang
• Director: Lydia Parker
• Cast: Meaghan Martin, Stefan Menaul, Kate Sumpter

Tony Award-winning playwright Christopher Durang explores the entertainment industry through biting satire and surreal comedy. At once a celebration of show business and a touching reflection on what it means to be an artist, we are offered snapshots of the eccentric and absurd. From Tennessee Williams to Euripides, tossing in a bit of Beckett, no renowned playwright is safe. Classic plays are warped and distorted - the outcome is both shocking and hilarious.

• Theatre: Soho Theatre
• First Preview: July 18, 2019
• Opening: July 21, 2019
• Book, Music and Lyrics: Max Vernon
• Director: Jonathan O'Boyle
• Cast: Andy Mientus, Declan Bennett, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Cedric Neal, John Partridge, Carly Mercedes Dyer, Gary Lee, Joseph Prouse, Derek Hagen

A provocative new musical, The View UpStairs is inspired by the true story of the 1973 arson attack, the largest single attack against the LGBTQ+ community until the Pulse Nightclub shootings in Florida in 2016. Filled with a collection of beautiful love songs and power rock ballads, this is a musical about friendship, community, how far we’ve come and how far we still have yet to go. It is a story of hope; and it’s a rainbow rollercoaster you do not want to miss.

• Theatre: Vaudeville Theatre
• Opening: July 24, 2019
• Playwright: Emma Reeves, based on the books by Jill Murphy
• Director: Theresa Heskins
• Cast: TBA

Families are flocking to the West End to witness Mildred Hubble’s thrilling adventures at Miss Cackle’s Academy, in the stage adaptation of The Worst Witch. Flying into London’s Vaudeville Theatre for 7 weeks only – just in time for the summer holidays – The Worst Witch is based on Jill Murphy’s original books, adapted for the theatre by Emma Reeves (who also adapted the stories for the award-winning television programme). Set in a school for up-and-coming witches, you’re invited to prep your potions and pick out your wands, because The Worst Witch tickets are sure to be sought out by families far and wide.

• Theatre: Kiln Theatre
• First Preview: July 18, 2019
• Opening: July 25, 2019
• Conception: Sheldon Epps
• Director: Susie McKenna
• Cast: Sharon D. Clarke, Clive Rowe, Debbie Kurup, Gemma Sutton

The Olivier and Tony Award nominated musical sees its first major London revival in 30 years. Directed by Susie McKenna and starring Olivier Award winners Sharon D. Clarke and Clive Rowe, Blues in the Night is a scorching compilation of 26 hot and torchy blues numbers that frame the lives and loves of four residents of a downtown hotel. Featuring soul-filled songs by blues and jazz icons Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen and many more, this will be a sizzling night to remember.

• Theatre: National Theatre- Dorfman Theatre
• First Preview: July 25, 2019
• Opening: July 31, 2019
• Book and Lyrics: Andy Stanton
• Music: Jim Fortune
• Director: Amy Hodge
• Cast: TBA

Based on the hilariously anarchic, award-winning children’s books, Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear – the Musical! promises to be an all-singing, all-dancing, occasionally-burping extravaganza for children and adults alike. Author Andy Stanton creates the book and lyrics, with music by Jim Fortune. Full of outlandish characters and joyful, utterly idiotic songs, this production is definitely not your average family fare.

• Theatre: The Young Vic
• First Preview: July 29, 2019
• Opening: August 1, 2019
• Playwright: Idris Elba and Kwame Kwei-Armah
• Director: Kwame Kwei-Armah
• Cast: TBA

Tree takes you on a thrilling journey in search of the soul and spirit of contemporary South Africa. Created by Idris Elba, whose album Mi Mandela provides the soundtrack, and Kwame Kwei-Armah, this major world-premiere production, performed in the round, is also directed by Kwame Kwei-Armah. Music, dance and film combine with an exciting cast to explore the past, present and future of this country at a crossroads – all through the eyes of one young man on a journey of healing.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: July 30, 2019
• Opening: August 1, 2019
• Playwright: Bianca Bagatourian
• Director: Ché Walker
• Cast: TBA

Howard Zinn was an American historian, professor and social activist, widely considered one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. His book, A People’s History of the United States, has sold two million copies and become required reading in schools worldwide. The Time of Our Lies explores Zinn’s personal history, including being a soldier who dropped bombs on Rouen, France in WWll. This fateful moment troubled him for the rest of his days and shaped the man who would become a moral compass for the United States in ways that are more relevant today than ever before.

• Theatre: Apollo Teatre
• Opening: August 1, 2019
• Playwright: Terry Deary
• Director: Matthew Scott
• Cast: Anthony Spargo, Neal Foster

It’s time to prepare yourselves for Horrible Histories live on stage, as last summer’s remarkable show returns: it’s Barmy Britain – Part Four! Be reduced to rubble by the ruthless Romans! Would you be shaken or stirred by Richard the Third? Will Queen Elizabeth I endure her terrible teeth? Would you be hanged by King James I for being a witch? Mount a mutiny against King Henry VIII! See Mary Tudor knock the spots off Mary Queen of Scots! Peep into the world of Samuel Pepys and help Georgian detectives find the headless man! Take a trip into the night with the night soil men and discover how to survive the first ever train ride!

• Theatre: Sadler's Wells
• Opening: August 7, 2019
• Music: Sergei Prokofiev
• Director: Matthew Bourne
• Cast: TBA

Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet is a passionate and contemporary re-imagining of Shakespeare’s classic love story. Confined against their will by a society that seeks to divide, our two young lovers must follow their hearts as they risk everything to be together. Bursting with youth, vitality and Matthew Bourne’s trademark storytelling, London’s brightest young dance talent join the New Adventures company, with direction and choreography by Matthew Bourne, design by Lez Brotherston, lighting by Paule Constable, sound by Paul Groothuis and new orchestrations of the Sergei Prokofiev score by Terry Davies, played live by the New Adventures Orchestra.

• Theatre: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
• Opening: August 7, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: TBA
• Cast: TBA

The Globe's acclaimed production from 2018 returns this summer. A firm favourite among Shakespeare’s comedies and featuring some of his best-loved characters, As You Like It runs the glorious gamut of pastoral romance. A series of mistaken identities and mishaps in the Forest of Arden ultimately sees new friendships formed, and families and lovers reunited.

• Theatre: Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
• First Preview: August 2, 2019
• Opening: August 8, 2019
• Music: Andrew Llyod Webber
• Lyrics: Tim Rice
• Director: Jamie Lloyd
• Cast: Samantha Pauly, Ektor Rivera, Trent Saunders, Frances Mayli McCann

From a life of poverty to the First Lady of Argentina, Eva Peron was hailed as the spiritual leader of the nation. Seen as the champion of the poor, her ambition, glamour and power made her the world’s first major political celebrity, winning the adoration of the people. With a chart-topping score including "Don’t Cry For Me Argentina", "Oh What A Circus", "You Must Love Me", and "Another Suitcase in Another Hall", Regent's Park Open Air Theatre presents Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic musical, Evita.

• Theatre: Trafalgar Studios 2
• First Preview: August 6, 2019
• Opening: August 8, 2019
• Playwright: Anna Ziegler
• Director: TBA
• Cast: TBA

Playful, poignant and profound, Anna Ziegler’s new play Actually makes a West End switch this summer, posing challenging questions about the nature of consent. Actually is the story of Amber and Tom, two first-year students at the elite American university of Princeton. When their paths cross, they connect in seemingly innocent ways. But after they hook up and spend the night together, things become more clouded, and the highly charged topic of sexual consent comes to the fore – they agreed on the drinking and the attraction, but what events Actually went down between the two of them? And, if unspoken, can it really be called consent?

• Theatre: Gielgid Theatre
• Opening: August 10, 2019
• Music: Claude-Michel Schönberg
• Lyrics: Alain Boublil and Herbert Kretzmer
• Cast: Alfie Boe, John Owen-Jones, Michael Ball, Matt Lucas, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Katy Secombe

Boublil & Schönberg’s musical crusade arrives at the Gielgud for a limited sixteen-week run while its London home, The Queen’s Theatre, undergoes essential maintenance. The Gielgud Theatre production thus runs from 10 August – 30 November 2019. Slightly different to the production at the Queen’s Theatre, this version of Les Misérables will be a fully-staged concert version of the classic musical. In an intimate setting, a magnificent orchestra of over 65 musicians will be accompanying the actors through the music that conquered the world.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: August 15, 2019
• Opening: August 16, 2019
• Playwright: Taz Skylar and Ross Berkeley Simpson
• Director: Toby Clarke
• Cast: Jahannah James, Sarah Naudi, Taz Skylar

Warheads is a punchy urban drama based on a true story. The play oscillates between multiple time lines. We get to see glimpses of the child that was Miles Weppler before he signed up for the army. The man he’s become post war. We get an intimate view into what motivates a young man towards the military, what motivates him to stay in the military, and why he wants to stay in the military at any cost.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: August 15, 2019
• Opening: August 21, 2019
• Playwright: Eugene O'Hare
• Director: Alice Hamilton
• Cast: Mark Hadfield

Beezer and O’Rourke live on the fringes of society in a dingy London flat, struggling to make ends meet. Despite living life at the bottom of the heap, the savage banter of their dysfunctional friendship keeps the pair afloat. When their dodgy landlord, Dollar, makes them a ‘business’ proposition, O’Rourke finds himself selling out for the cost of a few months’ rent. The price? Take care of a mystery special package. Just for a few months. Easy job. Easy money. As the weight of a heavy conscience becomes too much to bear, the outlook for tomorrow becomes increasingly dark, with a storm brewing on the horizon.

• Theatre: Donmar Warehouse
• First Preview: August 16, 2019
• Opening: August 21, 2019
• Playwright: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
• Director: Ola Ince
• Cast: Monica Dolan

The Lafayette family gather at their late father’s home in Arkansas to bury the hatchet and prepare the former plantation for its Estate Sale. Until, that is, they make a discovery which changes everything. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins takes on the rich tradition of American family drama in his gripping play about ghosts and the legacies we are left with. Ola Ince directs Appropriate in its UK premiere at the Donmar.

• Theatre: National Theatre- Olivier Theatre
• First Preview: August 22, 2019
• Opening: August 27, 2019
• Playwright: Kate Grenville, adapted for the stage by Andrew Bovell
• Director: Neil Armfield
• Cast: TBA

A deeply moving and unflinching journey into Australia’s dark history. Adapted from Kate Grenville’s acclaimed novel, this multi-award-winning production from Sydney Theatre Company tells the story of two families divided by culture and land. Neil Armfield directs a large ensemble cast, with live music by composer Iain Grandage. This hauntingly poetic production was conceived in collaboration with Aboriginal artists and is performed in Dharug as well as English.

• Theatre: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
• First Preview: August 23, 2019
• Opening: August 29, 2019
• Playwright: Ben Jonson
• Director: Blanche McIntyre
• Cast: TBA

Roll up, roll up! It’s the height of summer and all of London has come out to play. Leave your morals at the door and lose yourself in our carnival of excess. Make sure to keep your wits about you, though – one wrong turn, and you might end up getting more than you bargained for… London’s most notorious fair comes to life this summer, spilling out of the candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse into the wider Globe site, in Ben Jonson’s raucous comedy. Featuring a dizzying array of characters and a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, Bartholomew Fair is an extraordinarily exuberant panorama of London life.

• Theatre: National Theatre- Lyttelton Theatre
• First Preview: August 22, 2019
• Opening: September 3, 2019
• Playwright: Simon Woods
• Director: Simon Godwin
• Cast: Lindsay Duncan, Alex Jennings

It’s a summer’s morning in 1988 and Tory politician Robin Hesketh has returned home to the idyllic Cotswold house he shares with his wife of 30 years, Diana. But all is not as blissful as it seems. Diana has a stinking hangover, a fox is destroying the garden, and secrets are being dug up all over the place. As the day draws on, what starts as gentle ribbing and the familiar rhythms of marital sparring quickly turns to blood-sport. Simon Godwin directs Simon Woods’ witty and devastating portrait of the governing class. Lindsay Duncan and Alex Jennings return to the National Theatre to play Diana and Robin.

• Theatre: The Other Palace
• First Preview: August 30, 2019
• Opening: September 5, 2019
• Music and Lyrics: William Finn
• Book: William Finn and James Lapine
• Director: TBA
• Cast: TBA

The double Tony Award winning Falsettos is a hilarious and poignant look at a modern family revolving around the life of a gay man Marvin, his wife, his lover, his soon to be bar mitzvahed son, their psychiatrist, and the lesbians neighbours. Originally created under the spectre of the AIDS crisis, this ground-breaking musical about family dynamics manages to remain buoyant and satirically perceptive even as it moves towards its heartbreaking conclusion.

• Theatre: Dominion Theatre
• Opening: September 6, 2019
• Book: John Weidman
• Music: David Shire
• Lyrics: Richard Maltby Jr.
• Director: Morgan Young
• Cast: Jay McGuiness

Something Big is happening at the Dominion Theatre this autumn. The family favourite Tom Hanks film is hitting the West End stage as a musical, starring The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness! Revisiting the hilarious and heart-warming story of a boy who magically becomes an adult overnight – bringing childlike innocence and imagination to the world of business – Big The Musical tickets are sure to be in huge demand, as the show makes its West End premiere.

• Theatre: Peacock Theatre
• Opening: September 11, 2019
• Book: David De Silva
• Music: Steve Margoshes
• Lyrics: Jacques Levy
• Director: Nick Winston
• Cast: Keith Jack, Mica Paris, Jorgie Porter

Remember the name! The show that’s gonna live forever, Fame The Musical returns to London’s Peacock Theatre with its triumphant 30th anniversary tour production. Based on the 1980 pop culture film phenomenon, Fame follows the lives of students at New York’s High School For The Performing Arts. Navigating their way through the highs and lows, the romances and the heartbreaks and the ultimate elation of a performer’s life, the students strive for stardom.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: September 18, 2019
• Opening: September 19, 2019
• Playwright: Lesley Storm
• Director: Clive Brill
• Cast: TBA

Mrs Alicia Christie maintains a beautiful home, with a clever husband and devoted children. This surely makes her an upstanding society woman... What would you do to protect your family? Would you lie? Would you pretend to be a completely different person to the one everyone knows? Would you forsake all your beliefs? Would you go to jail? One woman. One crime. One decision.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: September 18, 2019
• Opening: September 24, 2019
• Playwright: Evan Placey
• Director: Max Lindsay
• Cast: Tracy-Ann Oberman

Brenda, a single Jewish mother (Tracy-Ann Oberman) tries to manage her professional life whilst ushering youngest son, Jason, off to school. His elder brother remains asleep upstairs. This could be a day like any other, if older brother Matthew wasn't under house arrest. Pursued by the media and tormented by guilt, Brenda tries to to hold her family together as the world is set to tear them apart. Based on a true story, Evan Placey’s powerful and provocative drama questions what it takes for for a mother to stop loving her son.

• Theatre: The Young Vic
• First Preview: September 19, 2019
• Opening: September 25, 2019
• Playwright: Maxim Gorky, Adapted by Mike Bartlett
• Director: Yaël Farber
• Cast: TBA

What do you do when the day that’s supposed to be the happiest of your life becomes a living nightmare? A repressed, passionate love affair rears its head on the day two young people tie the knot. What is done cannot be undone. Multiple award-winning director Yaël Farber, brings Federico García Lorca's most famous tragedy Blood Wedding to the Young Vic in a new version by Marina Carr.

• Theatre: National Theatre- Lyttelton
• First Preview: September 21, 2019
• Opening: October 1, 2019
• Playwright: Athol Fugard
• Director: Roy Alexander Weise
• Cast: Hammed Animashaun, Lucian Msamati

1950. Apartheid South Africa. St George's Park Tea Room, Port Elizabeth. On a long rainy afternoon, employees Sam and Willie practice their steps for the finals of the ballroom dancing championship. Hally arrives from school to hide out in his parents’ tea room. These two men have been unlikely best friends to Hally his whole life. But it is apartheid era South Africa: he’s Master Harold, and they are the boys. Tony Award-winning playwright Athol Fugard’s semi-autobiographical and blistering masterwork explores the nature of friendship, and the ways people are capable of hurting even those they love.

• Theatre: Wyndham's Theatre
• First Preview: September 26, 2019
• Opening: October 8, 2019
• Playwright: Sean Foley
• Director: Sean Foley
• Cast: Stephen Mangan, Kara Tointon

Stephen Mangan and Kara Tointon return to the West End to star in the world premiere of the classic Ealing comedy The Man in the White Suit, adapted and directed by Sean Foley. When Sidney Stratton (Stephen Mangan) invents a fabric that never gets dirty and never wears out, manufacturers and trades unions are terrified by the threat it poses to their industry and their jobs. Only Daphne (Kara Tointon) the mill owner’s daughter, shows Sidney any support as the bosses and workers chase the man in the white suit determined to destroy them both.

• Theatre: Vaudeville Theatre
• First Preview: September 20, 2019
• Opening: October 10, 2019
• Playwright: Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields
• Director: Kristy Patrick Ward
• Cast: Dave Hearn, Henry Lewis, Charlie Russell Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields, Nancy Zamit, Bryony Corrigan

The creators of The Play That Goes Wrong and The Comedy About A Bank Robbery kick off a one-year residency at the Vaudeville Theatre with Groan Ups, a brand-new comedy all about growing up. Are we the same people at 30 as we were at 13? Does school life determine our future? Do we ever grow out of our school crush? Playing an unruly classroom of kids and anarchic high school teenag-ers, through to the aches and pains of adulthood, the original Mischief Theatre company are back in the West End with their first new play since 2016.

• Theatre: Donmar Warehouse
• First Preview: October 11, 2019
• Opening: October 16, 2019
• Playwright: Alice Birch
• Director: Maria Aberg
• Cast: TBA

She can’t stay awake. She sold drugs. She’s good at interrogations. She drinks in the mornings. She ate a rabbit. She smashed up a shop. She stabbed a man. She used a hammer. She had a baby. She can’t find her mother. She’s covered in blood and doesn’t know why. This striking play from Alice Birch takes a kaleidoscopic view of what happens when a woman goes to prison. This striking new play from Alice Birch, directed by Maria Aberg, takes a kaleidoscopic view of what happens when a woman goes to prison. [BLANK] receives its full-length premiere to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Clean Break, the leading theatre company working with women affected by the criminal justice system.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: October 15, 2019
• Opening: October 16, 2019
• Playwright: Kate Barton
• Director: Kate Valentine
• Cast: Caroline Lawrie

In a chilling parallel to our modern world of influencers peddling protein shakes and diet pills, Fast is the true story of ‘Dr’ Linda Hazzard who advocated a fasting cure that gripped the press and divided a nation. Complex, beguiling and utterly driven, was Hazzard vilified as a woman in a man’s world or were there darker forces at play?

• Theatre: National Theatre- Olivier Theatre
• First Preview: October 15, 2019
• Opening: October 21, 2019
• Playwright: Brian Friel
• Director: Ian Rickson
• Cast: Ciarán Hinds, Seamus O'Hara

Following a sold-out run in 2018, Ian Rickson’s production of Brian Friel's masterpiece returns. Ciarán Hinds reprises his critically acclaimed role of patriarch and schoolmaster, Hugh, whose livelihood and culture are at risk. Brian Friel’s modern classic is a powerful account of nationhood, which sees the turbulent relationship between England and Ireland play out in one quiet community.

• Theatre: Almeida Theatre
• First Preview: October 7, 2019
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Maxim Gorky, Adapted by Mike Bartlett
• Director: Tinuke Craig
• Cast: TBA

It’s 8am and a revolt is underway. The father is dying. The son is spying. The wife is cheating. The uncle is stealing. The mother is scheming. The dynasty is crumbling. One house. One fortune. One victor. Tinuke Craig makes her Almeida debut with a new production of Maxim Gorky’s savagely funny play, adapted by multi award-winning playwright Mike Bartlett.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: October 31, 2019
• Opening: November 5, 2019
• Playwright: Eugene O'Hare
• Director: Phillip Breen
• Cast: Miriam Margolyes, Mark Hadfield

Following the sell-out hit Madame Rubinstein in 2017, Miriam Margolyes returns to Park Theatre in the World Premiere black comedy Sydney & The Old Girl. Nell and Sydney Stock are at war - and it's mutually assured destruction. After 50 years cooped up in the same shabby East London house where ghosts of a hard life still linger, the points scored in never ending arguments continue to bind the pair together. And then, there is the not so simple matter of the inheritance… As the twisted game between mother and son reaches breaking point, Irish care worker Marion Fee finds herself an unwitting pawn, played from both sides. Nell will stop at nothing for her bitter triumph over Sydney - but he has his own plans on how to end this once and for all.

• Theatre: Prince Edward Theatre
• First Preview: October 23, 2019
• Opening: November 13, 2019
• Book: Julian Fellows
• Music and Lyrics: Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman; Additional new songs by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe
• Director: Richard Eyre, Co-direction by Matthew Bourne
• Cast: Zizi Strallen, Charlie Stemp, Petula Clark, Joseph Millson

Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's acclaimed stage musical of Mary Poppins has delighted audiences around the world since its world premiere in 2004, and is set to return to the West End at the Prince Edward Theatre in 2019. Featuring music and lyrics by the Sherman Brothers, with additional music and lyrics by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, it is based on the much loved children's books by P. L. Travers and the 1964 Disney film of the same name. Julian Fellowes' book blends the original stories with the much loved film to create a new and iconic stage adventure.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: November 13, 2019
• Opening: November 15, 2019
• Playwright: Olivia Olsen
• Director: Robin Herford
• Cast: TBA

Anna Akhmatova, the most celebrated poet of her generation, has lost her first husband to the purges and her son to state prison, where he awaits execution. Now, Stalin, the tyrant responsible for the murder of everyone close to her, wants a favour… Based on true events, Stray Dogs depicts the story of one of the most extraordinary women of the 20th century, as she must choose between her duty to her son, her country, her art and herself. This urgent and relevant play explores the nature of tyranny and how it affects both the political landscape of the past and the present.

• Theatre: Noël Coward Theatre
• First Preview: October 29, 2019
• Opening: November 19, 2019
• Book: Steven Levenson
• Music: Justin Paul
• Lyrics: Benj Pasek
• Director: Michael Greif
• Cast: TBA

Dear Evan Hansen is the hit Broadway musical about a teenage boy who suffers from social anxiety, and finds it difficult to talk to people and make friends. However, following a tragic event involving one of his classmates, he finds himself drawn closer a group of people for the first time in his life.

• Theatre: Shaftesbury Theatre
• First Preview: November 2, 2019
• Opening: November 20, 2019
• Music: Max Martin, with new arrangements by Bill Sherman
• Book: David West Read
• Director: Luke Sheppard
• Cast: Miriam-Teak Lee

& Juliet is the irreverent and fun-loving new West End musical that asks: what if Juliet’s famous ending was really just her beginning? What if she decided to choose her own fate? This is Juliet’s story now. So don’t tell her how it ends... Soaring with pop anthems including "...Baby One More Time", "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"," Love Me Like You Do" and "Can’t Feel My Face", & Juliet is a riotous blast of fun and glorious music that proves when it comes to love, there’s always life after Romeo...

• Theatre: Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
• First Preview: November 16, 2019
• Opening: November 23, 2019
• Director: TBA
• Cast: TBA

Those ugly step-sisters will have Cinders cleaning all year in preparation, so come along and help her scrub up for a well-deserved date with Prince Charming. Expect the usual Lyric twist on Wicked Stepmothers, Fairy Godmothers, glass slippers, pumpkins, mice and more. You shall go to the ball with this festive fairy tale treat. Word has it that if you leave it too late to book, you might turn into a pumpkin…

• Theatre: Sadler's Wells Theatre
• Opening: December 3, 2019
• Music: Bernard Herrmann
• Concept: Matthew Bourne, based on the film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
• Director: Matthew Bourne
• Cast: TBA

A sell-out for its world premiere in 2016, Matthew Bourne’s triumphant adaptation of the legendary film returns to London, having won two Olivier Awards and dazzled audiences across the UK and the USA. The Red Shoes is a tale of obsession, possession and one girl's dream to be the greatest dancer in the world. Victoria Page lives to dance but her ambitions become a battleground between the two men who inspire her passion.

• Theatre: The Young Vic
• First Preview: November 28, 2019
• Opening: December 5, 2019
• Playwright: Jackie Sibblies Drury
• Director: Nadia Latif
• Cast: TBA

Following a ground-breaking, sell-out run in New York, Jackie Sibblies Drury’s Fairview is an interrogation of our subtly destructive preconceptions. This radical examination of power is directed by Young Vic’s Genesis Fellow / Associate Director, Nadia Latif. It’s Grandma’s birthday and the Frasier family have gathered to celebrate. Beverly just wants everything to run smoothly, but Tyrone has missed his flight, Keisha is freaking out about college and Grandma has locked herself in the bathroom.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: December 4 2019
• Opening: December 6, 2019
• Playwright: Charles Way, adapted from the story by Hans Christian Andersen
• Director: Abigal Andersen
• Cast: TBA

From the team who brought you last year’s Christmas family hit Peter Pan – Julie Clare Productions (with two Olivier Award-winning shows to their name) are delighted to be joining forces with Park Theatre to bring you Charles Way’s delightful adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic. The sparkling Snow Queen is beckoning young and old to this glittering spectacle.

• Theatre: Donmar Warehouse
• First Preview: December 6, 2019
• Opening: December 11, 2019
• Playwright: Mike Lew
• Director:Michael Longhurst
• Cast: Daniel Monks

As winter formal gives way to glorious spring fling, Richard – the class loser – lusts for power at Roseland High. After years of torment due to his hemiplegia, Richard plots the ultimate rise in power: to become president of his senior class. But like all teenagers, and all despots, he is faced with the hardest question of all: is it better to be loved, or feared? Mike Lew’s darkly comic take on Shakespeare’s Richard III has its UK debut. Donmar Artistic Director Michael Longhurst directs a cast including Daniel Monks as Richard.

• Theatre: Park Theatre
• First Preview: December 11, 2019
• Opening: December 13, 2019
• Playwright: Charlotte Jones
• Director: Robert Wolstenholme
• Cast: TBA

Josie’s tired. Tired of the Bolton winter. Tired of looking after daydreaming daughter Brenda. Tired of working as a dominatrix to make ends meet. Too tired to celebrate turning forty. But her favourite client Lionel insists on a birthday party and, knowing Josie’s a huge Elvis fan, invites a very special guest. Just as hips start swinging, somebody no-one expected arrives and skeletons come tumbling out of the closet… Writer of Humble Boy Charlotte Jones’ hilarious and heartfelt comedy about finding a place to fit in won the 1998 Pearson Best Play Award and, on its twenty-first anniversary, receives its first ever London production.

• Theatre: Vaudeville Theatre
• First Preview: December 14, 2019
• Opening: January 8, 2020
• Playwright: Penn & Teller, Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields
• Director: Adam Meggido
• Cast: TBA

Created with Magic legends Penn & Teller, Mischief Theatre conjure up an evening of grand illusion. In the next ‘Goes Wrong’ comedy to hit the West End, the original Mischief company play a hapless gang of magicians presenting a charity event. As the accidents spiral out of control, so does their fundraising target!

• Theatre: Donmar Warehouse
• First Preview: February 6, 2020
• Opening: February 11, 2020
• Playwright: Caryl Churchill
• Director: Lyndsey Turner
• Cast: TBA

In a cottage far away, a child wakes to the sound of screaming. Who will tell her what’s really going on? And where will the discoveries she makes that night take her in the years to come? Caryl Churchill’s dazzling play about a world sliding into chaos receives a new production at the Donmar, twenty years on from its explosive premiere. Lyndsey Turner directs.

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