Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

Off-Broadway News   Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows
Due to the expansive nature of Off-Broadway, this list is not comprehensive.
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• The McKittrick Hotel
• First Preview: January 8, 2020
• Opening: January 23, 2020
• Playwright: Stephen Mallatratt
• Director: Robin Herford
• Cast: Ben Porter and David Acton

Stephen Mallatratt’s ingenious adaptation of Susan Hill’s acclaimed ghost story comes to startling life inside The McKittrick Hotel’s hidden Club Car. Directed by Robin Herford and featuring a full cast from London’s West End, this production marks the show’s first return to its original staging inside an intimate English pub.

• Cherry Lane Theatre
• First Preview: January 11, 2020
• Opening: January 29, 2020
• Playwright: Charles Busch
• Director: Carl Andress
• Cast: Charles Busch, Nancy Anderson, Christopher Borg, Howard McGillin, Kendal Sparks, and Jennifer Van Dyck

Played against the gaudy tapestry of turn of the century California’s notorious Barbary Coast, The Confession of Lily Dare tells the story of one woman’s tumultuous passage from convent girl to glittering cabaret chanteuse to infamous madame of a string of brothels. Behind her every move lies her greatest secret, her undying devotion to the child she was forced to abandon.

• The Pershing Square Signature Center/The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre
• First Preview: January 16, 2020
• Opening: February 4, 2020
• Book: Jonathan Marc Sherman
• Music and Lyrics: Duncan Sheik
• Additional Lyrics: Amanda Green
• Director: Scott Elliott
• Choreographer: Kelly Devine
• Cast: Jennifer Damiano, Ana Nogueira, Joél Pérez, Suzanne Vega, and Michael Zegen

A bittersweet comic take on the sexual revolution in which the suavely conventional lives of two successful young couples, all friends, are both stirred and shaken when they open their minds to the changing attitudes around them.

• Roundabout Theatre Company/Black Box Theatre
• First Preview: January 16, 2020
• Opening: February 10, 2020
• Book, Music, and Lyrics: Daniel Zaitchik
• Director and Choreographer: Michael Berresse
• Cast: Matt Dallal, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Adam Kantor, Aury Krebs, Mike Nappi, and Emily Walton

When charismatic songwriter Harry falls for clever chorus girl Louise, all of Manhattan glitters with the blush of new love. But what happens when the sparkling fantasy begins to dissolve? Bubbling over with charm, wit, and whimsy, Darling Grenadine navigates the tension between romance and reality, light and dark, bitter and sweet.

• Classic Stage Company/Lynn F. Angelson Theater
• First Preview: January 16, 2020
• Opening: February 17, 2020
• Playwright: Kate Hamill
• Director: Sarna Lapine
• Cast: Matthew Amendt, Laura Baranik, Michael Crane, Kelley Curran, Jessica Frances Dukes, Kate Hamill, Lori Laing, Jamie Ann Romero, and Matthew Saldivar

Both terrifying and riotous, Kate Hamill’s Dracula confronts the sexism in Bram Stoker’s original work and subjugates it as a smart and disquieting feminist revenge fantasy. Kate’s signature style and postmodern wit upends this familiar tale of Victorian vampires and drives a stake through the heart of toxic masculinity.

• Theatre Three at Theatre Row
• First Preview: January 16, 2020
• Opening: January 23, 2020
• Playwright: Tom Dulack
• Director: Michael Parva
• Cast: Alison Fraser, Mel Johnson, Lou Liberatore, David Andrew Macdonald, Marina Shay, and Robbie Simpson

Paradise Lost, John Milton’s classic story of Lucifer’s temptation of Eve, receives a fresh and funny retelling in this accessible and lively new play by Tom Dulack. Even in our secular times, Paradise Lost remains the archetypal exploration of freedom, desire, rebellion and grace.

• Irish Repertory Studio Theatre
• First Preview: January 22, 2020
• Opening: January 23, 2020
• Playwright: Michelle Dooley Mahon
• Director: Ben Barnes
• Cast: Michelle Dooley Mahon

“Death by a thousand cuts” – that’s how Michelle Dooley Mahon describes Alzheimer’s disease after witnessing it strike down her mother Siobhan. As Mahon relives that time, her humorous and moving memories and rapier-like observations introduce personalities, history, and a nostalgic archive of an ordinary Irish small-town family forced to become extraordinary in their attempt to cope.

• Theatre Four @ Theatre Row
• First Preview: January 23, 2020
• Opening: February 10, 2020
• Playwrights: Anton Chekhov and Leo Tolstoy
• Adaptation: Miles Malleson
• Directors: Jonathan Bank & Jane Shaw
• Cast: Vinie Burrows, Katie Firth, Anna Lentz, Sam Morales, J. Paul Nicholas, Malik Reed, and Alexander Sokovikov

Chekhov's An Artist’s Story tells the story of Nicov, a painter who encounters two very different women on a fall evening. Together, they bring him to a new understanding of himself. Tolstoy's What Men Live By tells the story of a Russian peasant couple whose lives intersect with a mysterious stranger whose odd ways and brilliant smile bring them to a new understanding as well.

• Classic Stage Company/Lynn F. Angelson Theater
• First Preview: January 30, 2020
• Opening: February 17, 2020
• Playwright: Tristan Bernays
• Director: Timothy Douglas
• Cast: Stephanie Berry and Rob Morrison

Tristan Bernays’ Frankenstein is an electrifying metaphysical adaptation strongly rooted in the tradition of theatrical storytelling. Athletically performed by only two actors, this exhilarating retelling of Mary Shelley’s beloved novel boldly explores the creation myth while dissecting some of the most frightening aspects of the human psyche.

• McGinn/Cazale Theatre
• First Preview: January 31, 2020
• Opening: February 11, 2020
• Playwright: Donnetta Lavinia Grays
• Director: Tamilla Woodward
• Cast: Donnetta Lavinia Grays, alternating with David Ryan Smith

In a town running low on compassion, an exile seeks forgiveness, forcing the community to decide between mercy or justice. A storyteller spins a tale of a lonely soul tempted by the devil’s kindness on a fateful trip to the crossroads. Where We Stand is an epic fable of penance filled with humor, heart, and music.

Atlantic Theater Company
• First Preview: February 1, 2020
• Opening: February 18, 2020
• Playwright: Alice Birch
• Director: Lileana Blain-Cruz
• Cast: Celeste Arias, Jason Babinsky, Gabby Beans, Ava Briglia, Carla Gugino, Julian Elijah Martinez, Jo Mei, Vince Nappo, and Miriam Silverman

Three generations of women. Their lives play out simultaneously. For each, the chaos of what has come before brings a painful legacy.

• St. Ann's Warehouse
• Opening: February 1, 2020
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Yaël Farber
• Cast: Ruth Negga, Fiona Bell, Gavin Drea, Aoife Duffin, Nick Dunning, Peter Gaynor, Steve Hartland, Mark Huberman, Will Irvine, Gerard Kelly, Barry McKiernan, Shane O'Reilly, Owen Roe, and Gerard Walsh

Academy Award nominee Ruth Negga makes her American theatrical debut in a passionate, critically acclaimed portrayal of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by Yaël Farber and featuring an ensemble of leading Irish actors. With Farber’s direction, the focus moves from Hamlet’s anguish and identity to the power of resistance against treachery and the raw usurpation of power.

• Theatre Five @ Theatre Row
• First Preview: February 4, 2020
• Opening: February 18, 2020
• Playwright: Pearl Cleage
• Director: LA Williams
• Cast: Prema Cruz, Alfie Fuller, John-Andrew Morrision, Khiry Walker, and Sheldon Woodley

It’s the summer of 1930 and the creative spirit of the Harlem Renaissance is giving way to the realities of the Great Depression. In an apartment building on 126th street, five passionate and progressive friends carve out a future for themselves within a changing city.

• The Pershing Square Signature Center/Irene Diamond Stage
• First Preview: February 4, 2020
• Opening: February 24, 2020
• Playwright: Lauren Yee
• Songs: Dengue Fever
• Director: Chay Yew
• Cast: Francis Jue, Abraham Kim, Jane Lui, Joe Ngo, Courtney Reed, and Moses Villarama

Guitars tuned. Mic checked. Get ready to rock! This darkly funny, electric new play with music tells the story of a Khmer Rouge survivor returning to Cambodia for the first time in thirty years, as his daughter prepares to prosecute one of Cambodia's most infamous war criminals. Backed by a live band playing contemporary Dengue Fever hits and classic Cambodian oldies, this thrilling story toggles back and forth in time as father and daughter face the music of the past.

• Second Stage Theater/Tony Riser Theater
• First Preview: February 4, 2020
• Opening: February 25, 2020
• Playwright: Young Jean Lee
• Director and Choreographer: Raja Feather Kelly
• Cast: Freddy Hall, Janelle McDermoth, Kevin Remessar, Ximone Rose, Debbie Christine Tjong, and Marques Walls

We're Gonna Die is a non-musical/non-play/non-concert that is not about dying. It's a celebration of the things we do, say, and sing to keep ourselves going as we hurtle toward the finish line. Through a series of stories and songs both hilarious and heartbreaking, Young Jean Lee’s We're Gonna Die offers proof positive that being alive is about more than just awaiting the inevitable.

• Fourth Street Theatre
• Opening: February 5, 2020
• Playwright: Sarah Einspanier
• Director: Jaki Bradley
• Cast: Molly Bernard, Ugo Chukwu, Deepali Gupta, and Emma Ramos

When his girlfriend moves on, her best friend moves in. Rivals turned roommates unearth common ground in rejection, rootlessness, and retreat. A play about making do, making rent, and making “Art”—while climbing an (imaginary?) mountain.

• MCC Theater Space/Susan & Ronald Frankel Theater
• First Preview: February 6, 2020
• Opening: February 24, 2020
• Playwright: C.A. Johnson
• Director: Kate Whoriskey
• Cast: Joshua Boone, Montego Glover, Elise Kibler, Renika Williams, and Kara Young

Sixteen year old Keyonna and her older brother Samuel live on the brink of eviction while dreaming of a better tomorrow. Too smart, “too gay”, and too lonely to fit in, Keyonna escapes into a world of rom coms, red carpets and all the iconic characters played by her muse, Natalie Portman. But when “all the Natalie Portmans” start talking back to her, Keyonna finally has to face her off-screen drama in this imaginative new play that reminds us to embrace life on the ground while still reaching for the stars.

• 59E59 Theater C
• Opening: February 6, 2020
• Playwright: Lily Akerman
• Director: Emma Miller
• Cast: Olivia Abiassi, Julia Greer, Ben Katz, Olivia Khoshatefeh, and Ben Newman

Missing almonds, empty apologies, and a pizza box in the recycling bin that clearly belongs in the trash. When space is at a premium, there’s no room for weak links. The Commons is a play about living with strangers and the things that seem small, until they aren’t.

• Claire Tow Theater
• First Preview: February 8, 2020
• Opening: February 24, 2020
• Playwright: Christopher Chen
• Director: Knud Adams
• Cast: Laura Kai Chen, Edward Chin-Lyn, Mahira Kakkar, Mia Katigbak, Henry Stram, Johnny Wu, and Aaron Yoo

Henry is an amateur sleuth and true crime aficionado who sets out to solve the ultimate case: the unsolved murder of his father. Using his memories and the family stories he was told as a child growing up in San Francisco, Henry begins an investigation through a labyrinth of secrets and deceptions that leads him to question those closest to him. The Headlands is a contemporary noir that explores the stories we tell ourselves and the fallibility of the mind.

• Abrons Arts Center
• First Preview: February 8, 2020
• Opening: February 26, 2020
• Book and New Lyrics: Dick Scanlan
• Original Book: Richard Morris
• Music and Lyrics: Meredith Willson
• Director and Choreographer: Kathleen Marshall
• Cast: Beth Malone, David Aron Damane, Whitney Bashor, Alex Gibson, Omar Lopez-Cepero, Paolo Montalban, Karl Josef Co, Paula Leggett Chase, Tyrone Davis, Jr, Gregg Goodbrod, Michael Halling, Keven Quillon, Kaitlyn Davidson, Nikka Graff Lanzarone, Shina Ann Morris, and CoCo Smith

Transport Group presents a revitalized version of the musical tale of Margaret “Molly” Brown — still the character you know and the songs you love but a story that’s new and true. This is Molly as she really was: vibrant, progressive, and ready to fight for the underdog as a champion of women’s rights, labor rights, and immigration reform.

• Vineyard Theatre
• First Preview: February 11, 2020
• Opening: February 25, 2020
• Playwright: Lucas Hnath
• Director: Les Waters
• Cast: Deirdre O'Connell

Dana was a chaplain of a psych ward where she met a charismatic patient, an ex-convict searching for redemption. A harrowing true story, Dana was held captive with her life in this man’s hands — trapped in a series of Florida motels, disoriented and terrified — for five months. Told in Dana's own words and reconstructed for the stage by her son Lucas Hnath, this innovative work shatters the boundaries of the art form and our understanding of good and evil.

• Signature Center/Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre
• First Preview: February 11, 2020
• Opening: March 1, 2020
• Playwright: Katori Hall
• Director: Steve H. Broadnax III
• Cast: Sheldon Best, Cecil Blutcher, Korey Jackson, Toussaint Jeanlouis, Eric B. Robinson Jr., and Nicco Annan

Ready, set, fry! It’s time for the annual "Hot Wang Festival" in Memphis, Tennessee, and Cordell Crutchfield knows he has the wings that’ll make him king. Supported by his beau Dwayne and their culinary clique, The New Wing Order, Cordell is marinating and firing up his frying pan in a bid to reclaim the crispy crown. When Dwayne takes in his troubled nephew however, it becomes a recipe for disaster. Suddenly, a first place trophy isn’t the only thing Cordell risks losing.

• Manhattan Theatre Club - Stage I
• First Preview: February 11, 2020
• Opening: March 3, 2020
• Playwright: Richard Greenberg
• Director: Lynne Meadow
• Cast: Patrick Breen, Margaret Colin, Gregg Edelman, Tess Frazer, Anna Itty, Ilana Levine, Eric William Morris, Zane Pais, JD Taylor, and Frank Wood

Two families, whose lives have been tumultuously intertwined for decades, gather in the massive library of a Fifth Avenue apartment to celebrate the nuptials of their children. Nothing goes smoothly and as the big moment approaches, the burning question is: can everyone put aside long-smoldering jealousies and deep-seated grudges and just get through the ceremony?

• 59E59 Theater B
• Opening: February 11, 2020
• Playwright: Cary Gitter
• Director: Joe Brancato
• Cast: Lauren Annunziata, Angelina Fiordellisi, Ty Molbak, Jeremy Rishe, and Lauren Singerman

Angie Mastrantoni has a lot going for her: a job at a hip art gallery, a new apartment on the Upper West Side, but not much time or hope for relationships. Then her neighbor Seth, a divorced Orthodox Jew with a knish store on the Lower East Side, knocks on her door.

• Irish Repertory Studio Theatre
• First Preview: February 12, 2020
• Opening: February 19, 2020
• Playwright: Lady Augusta Gregory
• Additional Material: Ciarán O’Reilly
• Director: Ciarán O’Reilly
• Cast: Úna Clancy, Terry Donnelly, John Keating, and James Russell

Lady G – an intimate Irish Rep production developed from Lady Gregory’s personal writings and overlooked plays – will explore the truth behind the legend. Beneath the public persona of a dour Victorian widow lies a passionate heart and a wry sense of humor.

• Roundabout Theatre Company/Laura Pels Theatre
• First Preview: February 13, 2020
• Opening: March 10, 2020
• Playwright: Hilary Bettis
• Director: Jo Bonney
• Cast: Tyler Alvarez, Jacqueline Guillén, Bobby Moreno, Maria Elena Ramirez, and Triney Sandoval

Seventy-two miles. That’s the space between Nogales, Mexico and Tucson, Arizona—and the world of distance that separates a mother at a shelter and her American-born husband and children. This play follows a splintered family over 10 years of strength, struggle and love, as they face the profoundly personal drama of immigration.

• Playwrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater
• First Preview: February 14, 2020
• Opening: March 9, 2020
• Book and Lyrics: Daniel Goldstein
• Music and Lyrics: Michael Friedman
• Director: Trip Cullman
• Choreographer: Patrick McCollum
• Cast: Kerstin Anderson, James Crichton, Zoe Glick, Emilie Kouatchou, Erik Lochtefeld, Jay McKenzie, Jessica Naimy, Estelle Parsons, Margo Seibert, Thom Sesma, and Perry Sherman

Cleaning out her grandmother’s home, Ellen Rabinowitz discovers a mysterious photograph of an anonymous soldier, tucked away in a box of keepsakes. And so begins Daniel Goldstein and Michael Friedman’s sweeping, elegiac musical about a woman’s journey to unearth the secrets buried in her family’s past. Spanning three generations, Unknown Soldier unravels a delicate tangle of family lore, as Ellen chases the extraordinary story that unlocks her history — and charts her future.

• Connelly Theater
• First Preview: February 17, 2020
• Opening: February 22, 2020
• Playwright: Ethan Lipton
• Director: Leigh Silverman
• Cast: Bill Buell, John Ellison Conlee, Randy Danson, Gibson Frazier, Andrew Garman, Andy Grotelueschen, Layla Khoshnoudi, Phillipa Soo, and Chinaza Uche

Once again, the citizens of a frontier outpost are looking for someone to rescue them from the terrors of the local villain. Have they met their salvation--or an even bigger tyrant--when a fiend from the past comes to town?

• The Public Theater/Anspacher Theater
• First Preview: February 18, 2020
• Opening: March 3, 2020
• Playwrights: Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen
• Music: Steve Earle
• Director: Jessica Blank
• Cast: Mary Bacon, Amelia Campbell, Michael Gaston, Ezra Knight, Thomas Kopache, Michael Laurence, Deirdre Madigan, and Melinda Tanner

In 2010, the Upper Big Branch mine explosion killed 29 men, and tore a hole in the lives of countless others. In this riveting, emotionally stunning new work based on first-person accounts by survivors and family members, Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, award-winning writers of The Exonerated, and three-time Grammy Award-winning country/folk legend Steve Earle, dig deep into the lives and loss of the most deadly mining disaster in recent U.S. history.

• Irish Repertory Theatre
• First Preview: February 18, 2020
• Opening: February 23, 2020
• Playwright: Paul Muldoon
• Director: Sam Yates
• Cast: Stanley Townsend

When love ends with loss, can beauty come from grief? Can death reaffirm life through art? A beautiful one-man show, an elegy to life, love and loss, Incantata tells the story of a man celebrating and remembering a great love affair.

• New York Theatre Workshop
• First Preview: February 19, 2020
• Opening: March 9, 2020
• Playwright: Celine Song
• Director: Sammi Cannold
• Cast: Wai Ching Ho, Emily Kuroda, Jiehae Park, Jo Yang, Matt DaSilva, Miles G. Jackson, Mark Mauriello, Keith Pinault, and Andy Talen

On the Korean island of Man-Jae, three elderly haenyeos—sea women—spend their dying days diving into the ocean to harvest seafood. Across the globe on the island of Manhattan, a Korean-Canadian playwright, twice an immigrant, spends her days wrestling with the expectation that she write “authentic” stories about her identity.

• New York City Center
• First Preview: February 19, 2020
• Opening: February 20, 2020
• Book: Michael Stewart
• Music and Lyrics: Jerry Herman
• Revisions: Francine Pascal
• Director and Choreographer: Josh Rhodes
• Cast: Douglas Sills, Alexandra Socha, Major Attaway, Michael Berresse, Lilli Cooper, Ben Fankhauser, Jordan Gelber, Evan Kasprzak, Raymond J. Lee, Kevin Ligon, Janet Noh, and Allen Lewis Rickman

The Encores! season opens with Jerry Herman and Michael Stewart’s Mack & Mabel, which tells the story of one of silent film’s first great pioneers, Mack Sennett, and his first great discovery and muse, the comedienne Mabel Normand. Mack makes Mabel a star and love blossoms. But Mack’s insatiable drive to succeed and Mabel’s natural vulnerability—the key to her audience appeal—turn their love affair into a high wire act with no net.

• New World Stages Stage 5
• First Preview: February 27, 2020
• Opening: March 16, 2020
• Playwright: William Francis Hoffman
• Director: Bobby Moresco
• Cast: Joe Pantoliano

A broken immigrant family burned by personal destruction. A salvation that gives them hope. Set in the blue collar, urban landscape of the 1950’s, Drift is the hard-hitting new drama where secrets come to a head, difficult choices must be made, and devastating consequences must be faced.

• Lincoln Center Theater/Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater
• First Preview: February 27, 2020
• Opening: March 23, 2020
• Libretto: Lynn Nottage
• Music: Ricky Ian Gordan
• Director: Bartlett Sher
• Cast: Chabrelle Williams, Dominic Armstrong, Justin Austin, Errin Duane Brooks, Helena Brown, Kearstin Piper Brown, Chanáe Curtis, Adrienne Danrich, Leroy Davis, Matthew Gamble, Arnold Livingston Geis, Christian Mark Gibbs, Tesia Kwarteng, Anna Laurenzo, Justin Lee Miller, Jasmine Muhammad, Naomi Louisa O'Connell, Kimberli Render and Krysty Swann

Set in 1905 in turn of the century New York, Intimate Apparel tells the story of Esther, a lonely, single African-American woman who makes her living sewing beautiful corsets and ladies’ undergarments. There is warm affection between her and the Orthodox Jewish man who sells fabrics to her, but any relationship between them, even a touch, is completely forbidden. Seeking love and romance, Esther eventually embarks on a letter writing relationship with a mysterious suitor laboring on the Panama Canal. When he moves to New York they embark on an unhappy marriage, leading Esther to realize that only her self-reliance and certainty of her own worth will see her through life’s challenges.

• 59E59 Theater C
• Opening: February 28, 2020
• Playwright: Vivian Neuwirth
• Director: Cat Parker
• Cast: John Ingle, Linda Purl, Julia Randall, Stephen Schnetzer, Ryan Spahn, and Thomas G. Waites

Before he was an author, John Kennedy Toole was a teacher. That’s how Lisette, one of his students at an all-girl’s college in New Orleans, knew him and loved him. Through her eyes, amid the music, magic, and mystery of The Big Easy we, too, learn to love “Mr. Toole.” The teacher a student will never forget becomes a legend the world will always remember.

• Fourth Street Theatre
• Opening: February 29, 2020
• Playwright: Azure D. Osborne-Lee
• Director: Ludovica Villar-Hauser
• Cast: TBA

When 17-year-old Alma Jean finds her mother dead, she must pack up her life and move in with her mother’s ex-lover, a woman she doesn’t know. Her new guardian, Bird Wilson, is the town pariah and unused to sharing her home. Will mourning the death of a shared loved one bring Alma Jean and Bird together or push them further apart? Set in the sleepy Mississippi town of Etheridge in the summer of 1960, Mirrors depicts the lives of three African-American women bound by love and loss and family, and the secrets of their shared past.

• Lucille Lortel Theatre
• First Preview: March 4, 2020
• Opening: March 24, 2020
• Playwright: Martyna Majok
• Director: Rebecca Frecknall
• Cast: TBA

DREAMers. Love(r)s. Life-long friends. Negotiating the promise of safety and the weight of responsibility, they’ll fight like hell to establish a place for themselves and each other in America.

• Rattlestick Playwrights Theater
• First Preview: March 4, 2020
• Opening: March 18, 2020
• Playwright: Ren Dara Santiago
• Director: Jenna Worsham
• Cast: Dalia Davi, Cindy De La Cruz, Mateo Ferro, Andy Lucien, and Ed Ventura

The Siblings Play delves deep into the psyche of a teenage girl and her two brothers left to raise each other in their parents' absence. The play looks at the ways these three teenagers protect, love, fight, and diminish in the wake of their family history and the complexity of growing up with parents who are too young to be parents in the first place. In The Siblings Play, Santiago gives voice to characters rarely seen on the stage with theatricality, poignancy, humor, and empathy.

• Theatre for a New Audience @ Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• Opening: March 7, 2020
• Playwright: Will Eno
• Director: Oliver Butler
• Cast: TBA

Gnit is the celebrated American playwright Will Eno’s acerbically witty adaptation of the Ibsen classic Peer Gynt. Eno has reimagined that sprawling, satirical, 19th-century quest tale as a quick-paced contemporary tragicomedy. Peter Gnit is a feckless, well-meaning sloucher who bounces between glib reactions to Experience and ill-considered efforts at finding his True Self, all the while missing the love, joy, sorrow, goodness and authentic experience that are right in front of his nose. Packed with Eno’s signature wordplay, wit, and deflated pretentiousness, Gnit finds hilarity in calamitous self-deception and profundity in a pratfall life.

• 59E59 Theater A
• First Preview: March 12, 2020
• Opening: March 24, 2020
• Book and Lyrics: Kyle Jarrow
• Music and Lyrics: Duncan Sheik
• Director: Steve Cosson
• Cast: Samantha Mathis, Jeb Brown, Wyatt Cirbus, Molly Hager, Van Hughes, and James Yaegashi

An eerie lighthouse stands on the remote coast of Maine at the height of World War II. After losing his parents, young Christopher is sent there to live with his aunt Lily, whom he’s never met, and Yasuhiro, the Japanese man who works for her. Soon, Christopher begins to hear strange music seeping through the walls. Is his imagination getting the better of him? Or are there ghosts here, warning of real danger? Then the whispers become something louder…

• The Public Theater/LuEsther Hall
• First Preview: March 17, 2020
• Opening: April 1, 2020
• Playwright: Mona Mansour
• Director: Mark Wing-Davey
• Cast: Tala Ashe, Ramsey Faragallah, Osh Ghanimah, Nadine Malouf, Rudy Roushdi, and Hadi Tabbal

In 1967, Adham, a Palestinian Wordsworth scholar, goes to London with his new wife to deliver a lecture. When war breaks out at home, he must decide in an instant what to do – a choice that will affect the rest of his life. The two parts that follow explore alternate realities based on that decision. Each part in the trilogy speaks to the others, together painting a rare and moving picture of Palestinian displacement and a refugee’s life of permanent impermanence.

• Soho Rep
• Opening: March 17, 2020
• Playwright: Hanson Jung
• Director: Dustin Wills
• Cast: TBA

“What if I said I am not what you think you see.” A mischievous and affecting new play about the families we choose and unchoose.

• 59E59 Theater B
• First Preview: March 18, 2020
• Opening: March 22, 2020
• Creator: Happenstance Theater
• Directors: Mark Jaster and Sabrina Selma Mandell
• Cast: Gwen Grastorf, Caleb Jaster, Mark Jaster, Sabrina Selma Mandell, Sarah Olmsted Thomas, and Alex Vernon

BAROCOCO dives into the late Baroque and flaunts 18th century finery, wigs, panniers, gestural styling, elaborate ornamentation, and the excesses of Rococo in this unique physical comedy. A charming and charismatic six-person ensemble exposes an indulgent aristocratic lifestyle precariously perched on the edge of its extinction. Happenstance Theater invites you to experience the charade — from parlor games to pantomime, from the exquisite to the revolting — in this delightful comedy of manners.

• New York City Center
• First Preview: March 18, 2020
• Opening: March 19, 2020
• Book and Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
• Music: Kurt Weill
• Director: Victoria Clark
• Choreographer: JoAnn Hunter
• Cast: Kate Baldwin and Brian Stokes Mitchell

Love Life, the only collaboration between Kurt Weill and Alan Jay Lerner, is a journey through 157 years of American history with a family that never grows any older. Susan and Sam—a married couple played by Kate Baldwin and Brian Stokes Mitchell—start out on an idyllic, post-revolutionary farm community only to live through the Industrial Revolution, the era of mechanization, the Great Depression, and into a post-World War II America that is all but unrecognizable to them.

• 59E59 Theater C
• Opening: March 26, 2020
• Playwright: Melissa Bubnic
• Director: Lily Dorment
• Cast: TBA

Astrid Wentworth is at the top of her game. A superstar trader in the male-dominated world of banking and high finance. She is ruthless and relentless, but she’s always played by the boys’ rules to get to the top. So when Astrid takes on protégée Priya, she is the perfect person to help this ambitious young woman navigate the industry — as long as Priya’s willing to listen.

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