George Street Playhouse 2018-19 Season - NYC EPA

George Street Playhouse 2018-19 Season - NYC EPA

CATEGORY: Performer

George Street Playhouse
New Brunswick, NJ

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

LORT Non-Rep

Artistic Director: David Saint
Producing Associate: Scott Goldman (in attendance)
Casting Directors: Pat McCorkle, Katja Zarolinski - McCorkle Casting

EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition.

An Equity Monitor will be provided.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors for various roles in the upcoming season.


by Walter Anderson directed by David Saint
1st rehearsal September 21, 2018
Runs October 16 - November 11

When Staff Sergeant Donna Caine is abandoned by her platoon after confessing to a crime, a high power civilian attorney powers her way in to seek to justice. Fighting for her client’s future, Attorney Ginsburg takes on the military establishment to expose the hidden truth. Inspired by true events, Emily Zola Ginsberg:
mid 30s to mid 50s, femlae. Smart driven passionate New York lawyer who takes on this controversial case and becomes obsessed with clearing her client. Slightly covered emotionally but idealistic at heart. Drives the play

Vincent Stone :
60s to 80s, male. Smart seasoned witty New York Jewish lawyer who treats Emily, his assistant with a fatherly love and concern

Donna Caine:
30s, female. A Marine sargeant on trial. Disciplined, with steadfast principles and uncompromising loyalty to the Corps. Athletic, attractive and a true leader committed to the truth. Determined to take full responsibility for the incident.

Colonel Sandra Eden:
50s-60s, female. (Any ethnicity). A powerful military figure who is very protective of her charges but ultimately hides secrets. Strong, authority figure.

Roy Gill:
50s to 60s, male. Federal Prosecutor and former Secretary of the Navy. Being considered for a Senior Cabinet position, he is determined to win this case. A shrewd experienced lawyer.

Sergeant Major Clayton Williams:
50ish (any ethnicity, male) A Marine's Marine, willing to fight for any of his comrades. Slightly macho and enjoys a good time but principled, 34 years in the Corps, protective of Donna.

Judge Lara Knowles Easton:
60ish possibly African American ( any ethnicity, female) A no nonsense, fair, seasoned Judge, wise with a dry wit and full control over her courtroom.

Gunnery Sargeant Jacob Jasper Walker:
30s. (Any ethnicity) Originally from West Virginia. Very fit, attractive, having a clandestine affair with Donna. He truly loves her and feels great responsibility for Donna taking the brunt of this incident by herself.

Private First Class Ellen Colessio:
early 20s female, any ethnicity. Originally from Ohio, a statewide gymnastic champion, very athletic, somewhat naive and funny with a tough winning personality and fearless tenacity.


by Lucas Hnath
Directed by Betsy Aidem
1st Rehearsal November 2
Runs November 27 - December 23

[NORA] female, 40s -50s. An independent, intelligent and very successful author.

[TORVAID] male, late 50s. Nora’s estranged husband; mild-mannered, keeps his feelings and emotions close to the vest, though he has many.

[ANN MARIE] female, 60s. The Helmer’s nanny; honest, blunt and big-hearted.

[EMMY] female, Adult actress to play 18, Nora’s and Torvald’s daughter; an old soul and a romantic; wise and mature in some ways, but still 18.

by Laiona Michelle
Music by Nina Simone and Others
1st Rehearsal January 4 Runs Jan 29 - Feb 24, 2019



by Mark Harelik
directed by Jim Jack
1st Rehearsal February 15, 2019
Runs March 12 - April 7, 2019

Seeking all roles -
Haskell Harelik, Ima Perry, Milton Perry, and Leah Harelik


by Jireh Breon Holder
directed by LA Williams
1st Rehearsal March 29, 2019
Runs April 23 - May 19, 2019


Bowzie Brandon
(African American Male, 20s) A scrawny, ‘high yellow’ African American man. Often plays the fool, although it’s often to cover his deep intelligence and vulnerability. An entertainer at heart. Torn between his responsibility to family and his (newly awakened) greater civic responsibility.

Tony Carter
(African American Male, 20s) Bowzie’s best friend since childhood, who is ‘twice his size, three shades darker, and all muscle’. Bowzie is the brains and Tony is the brawn. A handyman employed week to week, he is prone to gambling and infidelity, but is actively trying to turn his life around. Earthy and hefty with a great sense of humor.

Evelyn Brandon
(African American Woman, 20s) Married to Bowzie. ‘A beautiful chocolate woman with a hearty figure’. Curvy and attractive. Stubborn, worldly and deeply sensitive. She possesses a wonderful sense of humor, but doesn’t suffer fools. A singer who relishes performing. She understands the world and was independent and thriving before she married.

Sally Carter
(African American Woman, 20s) A beautician, married to Tony. So slight one might almost not realize she is pregnant. Grounded and mature. Possesses a quiet strength. When she speaks, everyone listens. A gentle powerhouse with a deep well of emotion. Rational and diplomatic, she often plays the peace maker in the group.



Audition Information


Actors' Equity New York Audition Center
165 W 46th St
16th Fl
New York, NY 10036

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Lunch 1 to 2


a brief contemporary monologue or two contrasting monologues Bring picture and resume stapled together.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult


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