New Musicals Weekend 2019 - Pittsburgh PA EPA

New Musicals Weekend 2019 - Pittsburgh PA EPA

CATEGORY: Performer

Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera
Pittsburgh, PA

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

Staged Reading Contract

All personnel listed below will be present at the EPA:

Producing Director (CLO): Mark Fleischer Manager of New Work Development (CLO): Olivia O’Connor

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Actors and singers for four readings of new musicals featured in Pittsburgh CLO’s New Musicals Weekend. See below for casting breakdown. Pittsburgh CLO is committed to diversity and inclusion. We encourage performers of all ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, ages, abilities, and body types to audition.


First Rehearsal: Monday, April 8, 2019
Rehearsal Schedule:
April 8 – 12, 9a – 5p (Day off April 10)
Performance 1: April 13, 7p
Performance 2: April 14, 1p

MORGAN: 16. “The scrappy one.” Our hero. Whip-smart, deep, ambitious. Carries a great deal of shame about her unconventional upbringing. She prides herself on her independence. She thinks that being “perfect” and self-sufficient will save her from where she came from and get her to where she's going. When Morgan is a demon, she is extremely violent and radicalized — she wants to burn this whole world down. A powerful alto or mezzo, F3 to E5.

DAYNA: 16. “The uptight one.” Dayna needs to relax. Bossy, loyal, clings to power. Can be clingy, needy. Often feels defensive, competitive. Deeply lonely. Secretly in love with Hayley; extremely resentful of her brother Brian’s successes and social ease. Dayna thinks that playing by the rules will save her. When Dayna is a demon, she is chaotic, unhinged, and cares about nothing. A gritty rock alto, F3 to E5.

KAYLA: 16. “The nice one.” Kind, simple, warm. Loves art, struggles in school. The sweet one. A little naive, but nowhere close to "dumb." The biggest heart in any room. Wrestles with accessing her more “adult” emotions. She thinks that being “nice” and putting others first will save her. When Kayla is a demon, she is blunt and wildly sexual. A Disney princess of a voice, A3 to E5.

HAYLEY: 16. “The sexy one.” There’s no way Hayley's not getting voted "Broadway Bound" in next year's yearbook. A little sharper and savvier than the other girls. Underneath the confident, “grown up” exterior, Hayley wrestles with issues of deep self-loathing. She thinks that beauty/charm will save her. When Hayley is a demon, she cries constantly (with the occasional screaming tantrum). A classic Broadway belter, A3 to E5.

BRIAN: 17. Dayna’s older brother and the object of Kayla’s affections. Brian is funny, kind, intelligent, and generally pretty great. He’s a good ally to the girls (though he’s got a few blind spots). A total innocent, A2 to F#4.

THE HORNED MAN: 30s+. The walking, talking, singing, dancing embodiment of the patriarchy. Charm and smarm. We should be attracted to and repelled by him in equal measure. A bombastic voice of authority a la Captain Hammer, C3 to G4.

First Rehearsal: Monday, April 8, 2019
Rehearsal Schedule:
April 8 – 12, 9a – 5p (Day off April 10)
Performance 1: April 13, 4p
Performance 2: April 14, 4p

SUSAN BOTELLI: 40s – 60s. Mid-70's but looks 40, thanks to advanced skin technology. She's an incredible inventor and businesswoman who built her company from the ground up. Under her tight skin is the broken heart that has fueled her to dedicate her life to her work. Powerful belter.

JOAN SWEETE: 20s – 40s. A schoolteacher - quite a lucrative, high-stature position in the future (most teachers are virtual). Joan has always been drawn to the old-fashioned idea of true love with one person... not to mention the societal mindset (even stronger than today) that settling for anything less than perfection is a waste of time. When she is given the option of trying out the Perfect Mate, she is curious, but wary of dating a machine. Hopeful; sincere.

THE PERFECTMATE: 20s – 40s. A versatile actor and singer who will play all three of the Perfect Mate models. He should be able to convey several distinct personalities within one Everyman kind of look. The first Perfect Mate is sensitive, kind, intent on making Joan happy. The second is foreign, rougher around the edges, amazing in bed, more direct. The third is a confused hybrid of the first two, until he breaks down.


First Rehearsal: Monday, April 8, 2019 Rehearsal Schedule:
April 8 – 12, 9a – 5p (Day off April 10)
Performance 1: April 13, 10a
Performance 2: April 14, 7p

BERNARDO: Any age. Our trusted narrator. Charismatic and honest. Able to shape shift and help the story move forward in whatever way is asked of him. All heart. Mostly a Rapper but when he sings is a Baritone Tenor.

REINA: 18. A Salvadoran girl. Lived a hard young life and seems older for her age. A teenage mom. Soprano.

JULIA/ANTONIA/LEONA: 40s or 50s. Julia is Reina’s mother. Antonia is an older woman who lives in El Salvador and has a daughter in The United States. Leona is a wannabe rockstar nun from Mexico City. Alto-Soprano.

ADAN/CRUZ: 20s. Adan is Reina’s brother with a heart of gold. Cruz is an indigenous Guatemalan boy with dreams of obtaining an American degree. Tenor.

DON NAPOLEON/SILVANO: Don Napoleon is a Salvadoran man who owns the restaurant that Reina works at. Silvano is a grumpy man from Tapachula, Mexico with a dream to reunite with the rest of his family in America. Bass Baritone.


First Rehearsal:
Monday, April 8, 2019
Rehearsal Schedule:
April 8 – 12, 9a – 5p (Day off April 10)
Performance 1: April 13, 1p
Performance 2: April 13, 10a

HAZEL: 20-28. Mezzo soprano. Sings down to A and briefly up to F# in head voice, and must be comfortable sustaining a C belt. She is prone to disaster due to her out-of-control magic, making her the laughing stock of the other Fairy Godmothers. She is a kind, awkward misfit who initially lacks confidence. As the story progresses, she finds courage and talent in herself no one thought was there. Seeking strong comedic actress à la a young Carol Burnett. LEAD.

COPERNICUS: 20-30. Tenor belting up to G; also sings falsetto up to G. He is a prince—handsome, charming, and heroic like the princes of classic fairy tales. He is cheerful and positive to a fault, but he is determined to save Prince Helio, his true love, at all costs. He believes kindness is the best way to fight evil, and he persistently encourages Hazel when she doubts herself. Seeking princely leading man with great comedy skills, à la a young Cheyenne Jackson. LEAD.

HELIO/MIRROR/DRAGON/ARTHUR/THE BLUE FAIRY: 20-35. Baritone. Sings down to Bb and up to F#. Plays a wide variety of characters. The Mirror is a wizard-like, mischievous, and lovable old man who is as wise as he is brutally honest. Helio, our leading man’s love interest, talks to birds as he questions his sanity while locked in a tower. The Dragon must speak and sing with the booming voice of a monster, Arthur is a sincere king and lover, and the Blue Fairy a competitive mean girl type. Seeking chameleon-like actor who can thrust himself into an array of comic and serious roles. Think Titus Burgess - or Jefferson Mays. SUPPORTING.

GLINDA: 25-35. Soprano. Sings up to Eb and down to A. She is glamorous, talented, and the envy of the other Fairy Godmothers. She is constantly worried about how people (particularly her fans) see her, so she is torn over whether to help Copernicus. At the beginning she is utterly loyal to Minerva, her mentor and queen, but Minerva’s actions gradually make her question the rules she has obeyed her whole life. SUPPORTING.

MINERVA: This role has been cast.

*Please note that rehearsal & performance schedules are subject to change.

Requests for an audition appointment should be e-mailed to and include a preferred time range, which will be honored as sign-ups permit. Equity members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day as time permits.



Audition Information


Pittsburgh CLO Academy 1
30 CLO Academy Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15122

Friday, February 22, 2019
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

no scheduled break


Audition Requirements: - 16 bars of 2 contrasting songs - You may be asked to read sides. Sides will be provided at the audition. Please Bring: - Sheet music for your audition song selections - Your audition book -A resume and headshot -A completed audition application. -Audition Applications can be downloaded here: - Paper copies will also be available on the day of auditions.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult


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